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Level-Up Your Fall Prevention Plan: Leverage In-Home Care Technology

Level-Up Your Fall Prevention Plan: Leverage In-Home Care Technology

Looking to level-up your loved one’s fall prevention plan? Our in-home care teams are here to help.

Alongside our standard safety monitoring, certified support with ADLs, and help implementing fall-prevention diets and exercise plans, Always Best Care offers several unique fall-prevention tools and protocols that can keep your loved one safe between care visits, which gives seniors greater independence and peace of mind.

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Read on to review research on the risks of slip-and-fall injuries, then learn how to leverage in-home care technology to keep your loved ones safe, or call (262)-439-8616 to speak directly with an in-home care coordinator in Brookfield, WI.

Slip-and-fall injury rates create serious in-home care concerns in Brookfield, WI

Wisconsin has one of the nation’s highest rates of deadly falls among older adults, and it’s still on the rise, according to a 2021 report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

In fact, between 2016 and 2019, fatal falls for people aged 65 and older in Wisconsin increased over 19.1%, more than double the national rate of 7.6% reported over the same period (Magee, 2021).

But even when they aren’t fatal, falls take a serious toll, compounding senior mobility issues, burdening family care networks with new responsibilities (e.g. physical therapy, fall-proofing the home, transitional care, etc), and costing a fortune in hospital bills. In fact, in 2017 alone, falls cost Wisconsin taxpayers over $1-billion.

Understandably, these data raise serious in-home care concerns. Fortunately, 100% of fatal falls are preventable, and our in-home care services are one of the most powerful interventions available.

But while you’re probably already aware of the ways our in-home care teams prevent falls for seniors under our care—many of which you can find listed in Wisconsin’s Fall Prevention Action Plan—you may not be so familiar with the different technologies and protocols we use to improve fall prevention between care visits.

Read on to learn more, or call (262)-439-8616 to speak directly with an in-home care coordinator in Brookfield, WI.

Fall-proof your family: Leverage in-home care technology in Brookfield, WI

In addition to our standard safety monitoring, fall-proofing of the home environment, and help implementing fall-prevention diets and exercise plans, our in-home care teams can keep your loved ones safe between care visits with the following special technologies and fall-prevention protocols.

  • Assess your loved one’s fall risk with the Balance Tracking SystemWe use a computerized balance assessment tool to provide objective, accurate, and reliable measures of our clients’ postural sway, which is a known indicator of balance ability and a strong predictor of fall risk. Periodic assessments will help your loved ones track balance training progress and identify fall risks to make sure everyone has the help they need.
  • Fall-proof the home and improve fall response times with Always SafeThe Always Safe program starts with a 35-point home safety inspection to assess fall risks in the home environment, then sets your loved one up with 24/7 monitoring and fall detection using the Philips Lifeline AutoAlert system. Should your loved one fall between care visits, AutoAlert will automatically place a call for assistance and follow-up to confirm help has arrived.
  • Improve safety and peace of mind with Always in TouchAlways in Touch is a complimentary telephone reassurance program that provides companionship and safety check-ins for seniors and disabled adults.

Fall-proof your home: Book a free in-home care consultation in Brookfield, WI

To learn more about our fall prevention technology and the positive impacts our in-home care teams can make, you can:


Magee, V. (2021, June 15). Senior fall deaths in Wisconsin have skyrocketed. Here’s what experts say you can do to avoid them. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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