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Treating High Blood Pressure

Treating High Blood Pressure

If your senior relative is diagnosed with high blood pressure, it does not automatically mean bad news. With a few simple lifestyle changes, he or she might be able to manage the blood pressure with ease. An important component to successfully managing hypertension or high blood pressure is regular support from family members or an in-home care provider. Regular encouragement to follow a healthy lifestyle might help to reduce hypertension to a level that is less worrisome.

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  • Eat Healthy – Try to include as many fruits and vegetables into your loved one’s diet. If they are a bit apprehensive to eat many fruits or vegetables, find creative ways to include them in their diet such as in soups, smoothies and salads.
  • Keep Sodium to a Minimum – Excessive sodium consumption could be a culprit in high blood pressure cases. Keep a close eye on your loved one’s sodium consumption, including foods with hidden sodium content such as convenience or prepackaged food. Help him or her to make wise choices when it comes to their nutrition.
  • Stay Active – Staying physically fit has a variety of benefits for seniors, including the possibility of lowering blood pressure. Encourage regular exercise by accompanying your relative on leisurely strolls around the block or encourage him or her to participate in swimming, mild weight lifting or strength training classes.

If you are unable to be with your relative as often as you would like to in order to monitor his or her lifestyle, a professional home care service can provide your relative with the appropriate companionship and supervision that they need to help keep their blood pressure in check.

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