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Benefits of a
Personal Emergency Response System

A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) provides peace of mind for both you and your loved one, knowing that help is available day or night.


Immediate Help

Your loved one can quickly call for help with the push of a button, which is crucial in emergencies where every second counts

24/7 Monitoring

Emergency response centers offer around-the-clock monitoring services, so help is available any time your loved one needs it

Ease of Use

PERS devices are easy to operate with one-touch buttons, making them ideal to use in stressful situations

Prioritize Your Loved One’s Safety

Always Best Care’s Personal Emergency Response System

Our Personal Emergency Response System at Always Best Care is a lifeline for seniors, offering immediate assistance when emergency situations occur. Designed with ease of use in mind, our PERS device provides peace of mind, knowing that help is never far away.

We collaborated with Total Remote Health and ADT to offer mobile medical alerts with GPS and home-based cellular alerts, ensuring immediate help during emergency situations.

We provide two solutions:

  • In-home solution: The Medical Alert Plus system is a home-based system that utilizes cellular connection and covers mobility of up to 600 feet in the home. It also monitors high and low temperatures to detect potential environmental hazards in the home, such as a fire or extreme cold.
  • Mobile solution: The On-The-Go Emergency Response system is a lightweight and portable, with the active senior in mind. With its GPS capabilities, it can help emergency response teams locate your loved one anytime, anywhere
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Personal Emergency Response System FAQs

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A Personal Emergency Response System is a device that allows elderly individuals to call for immediate help during emergency situations.

It provides seniors — specifically those who live alone — have around-the-clock access to medical assistance and emergency services.

According to a recent industry report, an estimated 41% of American adults over the age of 75 may be living alone.

If this number includes your loved one, a Personal Emergency Response System can provide them with a quick and easy way to call for help in the event of a medical emergency.

Most senior medical alert systems are very reliable. Even with a low battery, they can work off of backup power. Usually, backup batteries can last between one to three days.

If your loved one accidentally presses the emergency button on their device, the trained operator from the monitoring center will attempt to contact your loved one through the device.

If it turns out to be a false alarm, no emergency services will be dispatched, and the operator will end the call. If the operator cannot get in contact with your loved one, they will dispatch emergency services to make sure everything is OK.

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