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Choosing a Home Care Provider

Choosing a Home Care Provider

Image of Choosing a Home Care ProviderSelecting the person or persons in charge of a loved one’s care can be a nerve-wracking decision. Here are a few things to consider writing down, before contacting a home care provider service:

ŸMake a list of the actual care needs. This list will determine what level of care is appropriate and how much training the home care provider should have.

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If there is more a need for companionship and monitoring, as opposed to actual hands-on care, also make a list of possible activities.

If transportation to doctor appointments, shopping trips or social events is required, inform the home care agency that you will need a licensed, insured driver. (Many cities have senior transportation available).

If there are memory or dementia issues, make sure those are mentioned, in addition to other health concerns. Specially trained home care providers can be assigned to ensure the highest quality of care.

List any required additional skills. If your loved one needs a special diet, medication, wound care or other in home services, you will need a home care provider who is able to meet all of these needs.

Take your lists with you when meeting with the home care provider service, to make it easy to select the right person for the task. The more specific you are about the needs and wants of your family member, the closer a match can be made with the best qualified provider.

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