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Exercising and assisted living

Exercising and assisted living

As we age, our bodies naturally age also. While many people who used to exercise give up because they’re afraid of injury, there are several safe ways for older people to stay active. In fact, exercise can be more important for the elderly than it is for the young.

Exercise can be undertaken at home or in assisted living facilities.

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Safe exercising outside of assisted living communities

There are several safe exercises that older people can do at home, such as:

  • Weight lifting – can stop and even reverse the muscle mass lost during aging. It also helps to keep bones strong and healthy.
  • Walking – walking is a great way to get moving without putting your body under a lot of stress. It also puts weight on the bones, again helping to keep them healthy.
  • Stretching – an easy, quick way to keep the body supple – be careful not to overextend to avoid injury.
  • Dancing – a great workout that uses several muscle groups. It’s also fun and a fantastic way of socializing.
  • Yoga – improves strength, flexibility and balance. The easier poses are low-impact for seniors and it’s relaxing, too. 

Exercise programs in assisted living facilities 

If your loved one is housed in one of America’s 33,000 assisted living facilities, check with their care provider about any exercise programs offered. They should assess your loved one’s specific needs and devise a suitable program that will keep an elderly person safe and healthy for longer.

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