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Helping Seniors Avoid the Summer Heat

Helping Seniors Avoid the Summer Heat

As the summer heat continues to rise, it is important to remind everyone about the importance of staying safe in these scalding temperatures. It is easy for anyone to become overheated or even dehydrated if proper care is not given.

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  • Drink plenty of water – The most important thing to remind your senior relative to do in the summer heat is to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is very serious and can cause headaches, dizziness or even cause a person to pass out.
  • Wear lightweight clothes – If your senior relative is one that gets cold easily, you can suggest that they dress in layers. This way they have the ability to take warmer layers off when they are outdoors in the heat, yet able to stay warm in the cool air conditioning.
  • Don’t do too much – It is important to keep a close eye on seniors when they are outdoors in the summer heat. Too much strenuous activity can cause the body to overheat, causing heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke.

A professional for in-home care can help your loved one stay safe in the summer heat. Knowing that you have someone that you can trust to consistently check on your senior relative’s safety can provide you with peace of mind and ease the stress of having to check on them yourself all of the time.

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