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Senior Care Fall Prevention Tips for Fall and Winter

Senior Care Fall Prevention Tips for Fall and Winter

Image of Senior Care Fall Prevention Tips for Fall and WinterMinimizing the risks of falling in and around the home this fall and winter will greatly increase the likelihood of your elder loved one living a healthy, independent life.

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Senior Care Risk-prevention

Depending on where your loved one is based in the United States, winter weather may include snow and subzero temperatures.

Greatly reduce the risks to seniors synonymous with fall and winter with the following tips:

  • If the senior in your life needs to cross icy paths in their car park or driveway, enlist the help of professional senior care to lend a supportive arm.
  • Ensure your loved one has boots or shoes with the appropriate traction.
  • Encourage your senior to always carry a mobile phone with them. The shock of falling sometimes means it’s difficult, if not impossible to get up unaided.

Senior Care Fitness

Included in senior care fall precautions is maintaining physical fitness. Your elder loved one should keep their muscles engaged with balance-related activities like yoga and Tai Chi.

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