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Veterans Assistance Program*

Veterans Care

Our mission: provide care and help obtaining funds to pay for care

At Always Best Care Senior Services, our mission is to provide veterans with the most outstanding care possible, and also to assist them in obtaining the funds to pay for the care they need.

The Always Best Care Veterans Assistance Program helps some of America’s most deserving citizens remain in their homes longer while maintaining a healthy and safer lifestyle. Or, if the veteran chooses to move to an assisted living community, benefits can also apply to the cost of room and board as well as personal care.

As part of our program, we want to help veterans and their families understand what VA programs are available.

Here’s how we help

At Always Best Care, we not only provide outstanding care for veterans, we also assist them in obtaining the funds to pay for the care they need. For example, if you choose to work with one of our resources, their process includes:

  • Thoroughly researching and reviewing all pertinent records and testimony, documenting medical conditions, need for care, military service, marital records, and financial status (if required)
  • Obtaining necessary documents from original and certified sources (this includes obtaining certified copies of military discharges)
  • Researching your particular situation and history with a view of selecting which VA disability program might be the most beneficial
  • Preparing a written legal opinion regarding eligibility for the desired VA benefit and the anticipated amount of award
  • If the legal opinion is positive, you may begin care with Always Best Care confident of your legal entitlement to VA benefits
  • Preparing presenting and prosecuting a complete documented claim for the desired benefit

To contact an Always Best Care specialist for more information about our Veterans Assistance Program, or to arrange a no obligation care consultation, please call (301) 637-0233.

VA Disability Programs

There are two specific types of VA disability programs.

Service connected compensation – This program compensates veterans for their theoretical loss of earnings based on injuries or disabilities incurred as a direct result of active duty military service or from a pre-existing medical condition aggravated by active duty. Disabilities are rated between 0-100% depending on the degree to which ability to work is impacted. Any period of military service is acceptable and there are no financial eligibility requirements.

Non–service connected pension – This important program covers disabilities that have no relationship whatsoever to active duty military service. However, the veteran must have had qualifying active duty military service with a minimum of one day during a period of war or conflict. Pension is also based on financial need; however, in many cases all unreimbursed, regular, prospective medical expenses (including in-home care and residential care costs) are deductible from income when determining income and need.

Important care benefits

Assistance for surviving spouses – Both the Service Connected Compensation and Non-Service Pension Programs have provisions for assisting the surviving spouses of qualified veterans.

Special monthly benefits – Special monthly benefits for veterans or qualified spouses who are homebound or in the need of the regular aid and attendance of another person, due to their disabilities, may also qualify for awards in addition to the basic Service Connected Compensation or Non-Service Pension Programs.

For more information about our Veterans Assistance Program, or for a no obligation care consultation, please call (301) 637-0233.

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