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4 Tips for Vacationing with Seniors


Planning a summer vacation can be great way to see new sights, get away, spend time with family, and relax. While many adults can be ready to go on a whim, when traveling with seniors, some extra planning can pay off. You want to ensure that everyone is included and has an enjoyable time.

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  • Plan AheadThis seems like common sense, but there are many things that are easy to overlook or take for granted. For instance, if your loved one has issues with incontinence, you’ll want to plan time for extra bathroom breaks. When going to the airport, call ahead about senior assistance. You may be able to get a wheelchair and board the plane early to help your senior get settled in before other passengers board. Your loved one may also be able to go through a special security screening.Consider any mobility issues your senior may have when making reservations and booking activities. Are there stairs involved? Will a ramp or elevator be available? Also think about their vision and hearing. Large crowds, too much noise, and a lot of stimulation can be tough to handle and make activities less enjoyable. Try to plan activities that everyone can enjoy and access.
  • Pack Medications – Plus Extra
    Have enough medication for the trip, plus a few days more. You never know when you’ll get delayed. Also have proper documentation for medication and any health conditions your loved one may have. If something happens and they need to go to an urgent care or hospital, you want to have necessary information readily available. If you’re flying, don’t pack medications in checked luggage – always keep it in your carry on in case of delay or lost luggage.
    1. Create a Realistic Schedule
      You may want to pack in as many sights and activities as you can, but realistically you may not be able to do so. When traveling with seniors, you may have to slow your pace and build in more time for breaks and rest. While your loved one enjoys being included, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much walking or activity. Include your senior in trip planning and ask about what they want to do and what they think they can reasonably handle.
  1. Consider Your Options
    Look into trips that appeal to people of all ages and offer accommodations for seniors. Cruises and tours can be great because they are pre-planned and offer many options. You can work out any accessibility needs or special considerations ahead of time and find out if the trip is right for your senior. You may also be able to pick and choose from different activities creating a schedule that works for everyone.

Vacationing with your senior can be a lot of fun and create many memorable moments. Take the time to plan ahead so you can reduce stress, enhance safety, and make the most of the trip. Even if you’re planning on staying close to home or taking day trips, being prepared is key. Make sure your loved one has the support they need to stay active and engaged on your trip. Ensure that they have the level of support and care they need at home as well by contacting Always Best Care at 1 (855) 470-CARE (2273) for a free in-home care consultation.

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