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Talking to Family and Friends About the Need for Senior Care

Talking to Family and Friends About the Need for Senior Care

Caring for an aging parent can be a very rewarding job, but it can also be stressful and demanding. Balancing your own family and career with the needs of a loved one can be difficult. You want to ensure everyone’s needs are met, but you only have so much time and energy. There is nothing wrong with taking a step back and asking for help. Do not feel like everything needs to rest on your shoulders, or that you are letting anyone down by saying you can no longer manage everything on your own.

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Be Honest About the Situation
Look objectively at the type of care and attention your aging parent needs. Do they struggle with dementia or a degenerative disorder? Do they require a level of care that you can no longer safely or effectively provide? Let your family know that you believe getting additional help would be in the best interest of your loved one.

It is okay if you do not have the training or knowledge to provide the best possible care for them. Or, if you simply do not have the time or flexibility anymore to devote to meeting all of their needs. There are plenty of other options, including bringing in professional help, or getting additional assistance from other family members.

Ask Others for Help
See if other members of your family would be willing to step in and take over some responsibilities. Perhaps you could trade off helping your senior with bedtime and wake-up routines, preparing meals for the week, doing errands, or picking up around their house. As your own family’s needs change, as well as work demands, that can affect your availability and flexibility. You may have been able to balance things up to this point, but now you need more support.

Discuss the Benefits of Outside Care
By partnering with an in-home care provider or transitioning your loved one to assisted living, you can ensure that they are getting the assistance and support they require, when they need it. It allows you to focus on spending your time together on more enjoyable activities such as having lunch, looking at pictures, going on a walk, or doing something else fun. Your attention won’t have to be on making sure you took them to the store, reminding them to take their medication, or getting to their house to get them in bed at their normal time.

In addition, in-home care providers are trained in working with seniors who may have dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, physical limitations, or require comfort care. Their specific purpose is to provide the level of care and assistance your loved one needs so you can focus on maintaining a meaningful relationship and spending quality time together.

You can also work together to share the workload. Perhaps you only need an in-home care provider to come first thing in the morning to get your aging parent up and situated for the day, or for a few afternoons a week to provide companionship until another family member comes to help them with dinner. Create a schedule that works for your family’s situation and ensures your loved one is safe and able to age in place comfortably.

Explore all of the senior care options available and talk with in-home care providers to find the best fit. Always Best Care offers care consultations to help your family navigate the process and develop a solution aligned with your senior’s – and your family’s – needs.  Contact us today at (855) 470-2273 to learn more or schedule a care consultation.

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