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How to Handle Long Distance Care for a Loved One

How to Handle Long Distance Care for a Loved One

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If you live more than an hour away from a senior relative that lives alone, it can seem difficult to coordinate proper care for him or her. You might find yourself harboring feelings of guilt at what you are unable to do on a daily basis or you might end up spreading yourself thin, trying to do it all despite the distance. In order to avoid burnout or feeling upset at what you cannot do, there are ways to coordinate long distance care to ensure the best for you and your loved one.

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Create a Schedule – If your loved one requires regular medical visits or other important appointments, you can try to schedule them together in order to make it possible for you to work your schedule around them and be at a majority of the appointments. If the appointments are too frequent or you cannot get there, it is okay to hire a professional from a home care agency to assist your loved one to their appointments.

Keep Communicating – Communication is important for you and your loved one. If you create a schedule, whether it is daily phone calls, a quick email or text message, you can both feel better. Your senior relative will feel loved and you will feel reassured at their safety and wellbeing with regular communication.

Enlist Help – If distance puts too much time in between when you can visit with your loved one and they need help with preparing meals, getting to the grocery store or grooming appointments or they simply need regular companionship, a professional in-home care service can help fill in the gaps when you cannot be there, allowing you to feel reassured that your loved one is receiving the best possible care.

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