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Our Mission, Vision & Promise

What drives our passion for expert care services


Our Mission

To work as a united team providing the best senior care in the world, with the broadest range of services, and the most loving and consistent care anywhere

Our Vision

To be the leader in compassionate senior care


Our Promise

We are committed to providing you with the best care for your specific needs


Our Story

In the mid-1990’s, just outside of Sacramento, California, Michael Newman felt frustrated by the lack of resources for seniors in his community. An owner and operator of facilities for seniors, he saw many seniors and their loved ones arrive at his facilities confused and overwhelmed after trying to find the right assisted living community. This frustration eventually shaped his vision: To create a company that would serve seniors in the community by providing trusted care, compassionate support, and professional advice.

In 1996, Michael acted on his vision and founded Always Best Care. Since that time, Always Best Care has become one of the nation’s leading providers of non-medical in-home care, senior living referral services and home health care. Always Best Care was formed with the belief and agenda of taking the burden off of the families’ shoulders and putting it on our own. People with passion have made Always Best Care what it is today. Although times may change, our foundation never will.

Michael Newman believes that a successful senior care company is built on successful relationships at every level, in all directions. The things that make every relationship work make business relationships work too – caring, trust, respect, and communication. These are the values that guide our relationships with our clients, franchisees, employees, vendors, our community, and everyone we touch. Caring relationships are the foundation of our work – a sincere concern for the betterment of life that goes beyond just doing what is required, but doing the most we can for the seniors entrusted to our care.

Always Best Care began franchising in 2007 and today provides services through a network of more than 225 franchised territories across the United States and Canada.


Welcome to Always Best Care of Louisville

Since 1996, Always Best Care has helped thousands of families with non-medical in-home care and assisted living referral services. In select markets we’ve also added skilled home care for clients that suffer from illness or injury.

Our passion for helping people maintain a safe, independent and dignified lifestyle represents the strong foundation of Always Best Care. Every client receives extraordinary care in an inspiring environment with caring and compassionate people. Our Care Coordinators have worked with thousands of seniors across the country, and we’re always ready to help you!

Our vision:

The Always Best Care resources include an extensive library to help you make better informed decisions on senior care and more. Our vision is to work as a united TEAM providing the best senior care in the world – with the broadest range of services, and the most loving and consistent care anywhere.

Service coverage

Always Best Care Senior Services provides senior care in Louisville, communities of Louisville, La Grange, Crestwood, Shelbyville, Mt. Washington, Shepherdsville.

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9900 Corporate Campus Drive, Ste 3000, Louisville, KY 40223

Always Best Care combines national strength and standards with local accessibility and personal service. Dan Chitwood, the owners of Always Best Care-Louisville, are local residents and take great pride in helping families care for their loved ones. Our goal is to join your family's journey and provide the absolute best care plan for your loved one. Our entire team has your loved ones best interests at heart, and we'll ensure that exceptional service and care is provided to all family members. All of our caregivers are carefully screened, thoroughly trained, bonded and insured to provide the safest and highest level of care. We have strong relationships with area hospitals, social workers, senior communities and senior resources across our communities. We are ready and willing to serve all your special care needs today!

Care Consultation

The first step in our process includes a personal consultation with a Care Coordinator at no charge to you. In our meeting, we will thoroughly discuss your care needs, create a detailed care plan, and work with you on financing and logistics.

The meeting will consist of:

  • A thorough discussion of your care needs
  • A highly detailed personal care plan
  • A discussion with you, or your loved one to determine how best to meet your requirements
  • Assistance with billing of insurance providers

Individual care plans are constantly being assessed and updated to meet physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of our clients.

We know that exceptional service sets us apart from all other home care companies. All of our team members and caregivers receive comprehensive training before being assigned to a care plan. Our standard is that "we only hire care providers we would have care for our own loved ones."

Always Best Care provides in-home care services from as little as one hour per day up to 24-hour care, and up to 7 days a week. Whatever your care needs are, Always Best Care is there for you.

Some key home care services we provide include:

  • Activities of daily living (dressing, personal care, bathing, incontinence care)
  • Meals cooked and served (for you and your spouse)
  • Transportation (medical appointments, errands, shopping, etc.)
  • Domestic services (laundry, cleaning, etc.)
  • Facilitate social outings and help maintain personal freedom

Please let one of our Care Coordinators meet with you to discuss your needs and to assist in developing a personalized care plan specific to the level of care you need.

Take the first step with us – contact your local Always Best Care representative today.

Our Advantage

Benefits of
Always Best Care
Senior Services


Team of Caring People

We are a team of caring and compassionate people working together to provide the best possible care for you and your loved ones

Care at Each Step of the Way

We have worked with thousands of seniors and their families across the U.S. and Canada, providing the best service each step of the way

Proven Track Record of Success

Our team of professional caregivers has a proven track record of providing expert care to seniors and people with specific needs

serving you

Service Coverage

Your local Always Best Care team helps families throughout Louisville and surrounding areas



Tailored to Your Needs

Always Best Care In Home Care Services

Personal Care Services

  • 24-Hour Care​
    Always Best Care helps you find the perfect round-the-clock in-home care plan to fit your loved one’s circumstances and needs. 24-hour care is support that is available to anyone who needs extra help to carry on living at home. It can include help with shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, dressing and all other daily tasks. The need for 24-hour care can be prompted by accident, illness, dementia, frailty, disability, or frailty caused by the aging process.
  • Bathing, Grooming
    & Dressing​
    Bathing, dressing and grooming play a large role in a senior’s daily routines. Maintaining good personal hygiene can be vital in preventing sickness, while dressing can impact an elderly individual’s self-esteem. Grooming and dressing are integral to the activities of daily living.
  • Cognitive Impairments​​
    Cognitive impairment is not an illness, but a description of someone’s condition. It means they have trouble with things like memory or paying attention. They might have trouble speaking or understanding. And they might have difficulty recognizing people, places or things, and might find new places or situations overwhelming.
  • Companionship​​
    Companionship care is primarily emotional support and companionship for seniors who are generally healthy and who want to remain independent at home.
  • Errands & Transportation​​
    Help with errands, shopping, and transportation falls under the category of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). These skills are necessary in order to live independently and that all of us do once we are up, out of bed, dressed, and ready to start our day. Transportation services for seniors can help maintain a level of independence without the need for the senior to drive themselves.
  • Escort to Activities​
    Escorting a senior to activities can help them if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable in public without accompaniment. Many trips are often used to assist seniors to utilize the services of health professionals and agencies that they otherwise would not be able to access.
  • Hospice
    Support / End-of-Life​​
    Hospice care is for people who are nearing the end of life. The services are provided by a team of health care professionals who maximize comfort for a person who is terminally ill by reducing pain and addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.
  • Hospital to Home​​
    Following a discharge from the hospital, the first three days are critical. During this time frame and beyond, the support given to a senior and their family play a vital role in the recovery process at home. A hospital-to-home program offers a comprehensive and flexible solution that can provide the physical and emotional support needed to recover safely and comfortably.
  • Incontinence / Toileting​​
    There are several types of incontinence, which include overflow incontinence, transient incontinence, stress incontinence, urge incontinence, and knowing a little about the different types can help the caretaker and the family make the best decisions about what levels of toileting assistance should be included in the care plan of their loved one.
  • Laundry Services​​
    For seniors, laundry can be a challenge. As people age, they may have less energy and stamina. One of the biggest benefits of laundry services is that they can help seniors stay independent. Laundry services can also help keep seniors healthy by ensuring the are wearing clean clothing.
  • Light Housekeeping​​
    Light housekeeping includes things like watering the plants, dusting of surfaces and knickknacks, as well as picking up newspapers, magazines and other clutter. It includes emptying the trash, vacuuming and sweeping of main walk areas. It can also include organizing drawers, shelves and closets. In a nutshell light housekeeping is completing the specific tasks required to tidy up areas that a client uses. Examples of what a light housekeeping service does not include are heavy-duty cleaning tasks that require moving heavy furniture, washing windows, cleaning carpets, or scrubbing floors. Nor does it cover outside chores, such as shoveling snow off sidewalks, raking, or mowing the grass.
  • Live-In Care​​
    Live-in care is for seniors who need around-the-clock assistance from a caregiver. Assistance is generally non-medical and includes such tasks as medication management, shopping, and assistance with activities of daily living (ADL). Though caregivers sleep at the senior’s residence, they generally aren’t required for assistance at night.
  • Meal Preparation​
    Meal preparation and eating healthy and nutritional food is important for seniors. Meal preparation assistance for the elderly is not just about cooking, but involves so much more. Maintaining a regular and consistent schedule can also play a role in emotional and physical health.
  • Medication Reminders​
    Medication reminders are a nonmedical service provided by a caregiver or a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). CNAs do not administer medications, or speak with a doctor or pharmacist about a senior’s medicine or regime—but they do ensure medication safety and regularity.
  • Mobility​
    Mobility is the ability to move or walk freely and easily — is critical for functioning well and living independently. As we age, we may experience changes to our mobility. There are many reasons for these changes, including changes in gait (how we walk), balance, and physical strength.
  • Nutrition Monitoring​​
    Nutrition is an important element of health in the older population and affects the aging process. The prevalence of malnutrition is increasing in this population and is associated with a decline in functional status, impaired muscle function, decreased bone mass, immune dysfunction, anemia, reduced cognitive function, poor wound healing, delayed recovery from surgery, higher hospital readmission rates, and mortality.
  • Overnight Care​​
    Overnight care revolves around a multitude of services which may include help using the restroom in the middle of the night, providing fluids and snacks in the evening, and assisting with preparing for bed. Elderly individuals may also receive help with transfer assistance throughout the night. Overnight caregivers can also prepare breakfast and offer morning care.
  • Safety Supervision​​
    Because more accidents occur inside the home than anywhere else, seniors and their caregivers must do everything in their power to make sure their homes are as safe and secure as possible. Some of the steps that can be taken to ensure homes are safe for seniors and their families include removing clutter, adding better lighting, rearranging cabinets and drawers, and assessing the safety risks of the bathroom.
  • Technology Assistance​​
    Technology can help the elderly live independently for longer by facilitating preventive care, early detection of, and response to, emerging health issues, as well as timely support for daily tasks. Technology offers a wide range of benefits to older adults. Seniors who use technology can also feel more connected to others, can be better engaged in the community and world around them, and be more informed about current events.
Our Team of Experts

Committed to Providing the Best Care & Support

Experienced Healthcare and Caregiving Professionals
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    Lindsey Harper

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  • Kulyata Robinson

    Kulyata Robinson

    Staffing Coordinator
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  • Susan Chitwood

    Susan Chitwood

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  • Dan Chitwood

    Dan Chitwood

    Owner/Care Coordinator
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“Dan and his entire team were extremely supportive during a difficult time for our family. We are thankful for their service and highly recommend them.”

Kevin T.

“Always Best takes care of my mother-in-law. They are always prompt, courteous and helpful. They take her to appointments and do light housekeeping. It gives her a sense of independence…..like she’s going out with a friend. We highly recommend Always Best.”

Karen S.

“Professional, dependable…still use them…and have .for the last 18 months..”

tomas A.

“Always best care has been a great experience! Great caregivers and the staff has been great to work with. I highly recommend them!”

Stefanie N.

“Great service and someone that you can trust when you really need it.”

Michael G.

“I discussed my husband’s balance problem with several senior care agencies and the agency I was most impressed with was Always Best Care. The people they have working for them are kind and considerate. They go the extra mile to help their client remain mentally alert and physically independent. They give their client just enough help so that the client feels safe and secure but not helpless. My husband had to go to Forest Spring’s Health Campus because of a fall he had at home. Because of his injury, he needed 24/7 care. I called Dan Chitwood and within an hour he had his employees helping my husband. My husband has made a complete recovery from the injury but he still needs help with a balance issue. A physical therapist comes to his home and Dan’s employee helps him work on the physical therapy exercises recommended for him. My husband and I have been married for 57 years and with Dan Chitwood’s employees help, who knows maybe we will make it another 57 years.”

Sally L.

“Always best care has been a great experience! Great caregivers and the staff has been great to work with. I highly recommend them!”

Addy N.

“This is a wonderful company that truly cares about their clients.”

Natalie C.

“Great service and someone that you can trust when you really need it.”

Michael G.

“Dan Chitwood does an amazing job for his clients! I am always happy to recommend him if I hear of someone needing his services.”

Russell G.

“Always Best Care Senior Services is extremely professional and caring. I highly recommend using their services for your loved ones.”

B A.

“I’ve worked with Dan for a couple of months now, and from where I see it, he is a caring individual that cares about his business immensely. Give Always Best Care a call, great company!”

Matt R.

“Great service. Very knowledgeable and dependable. I appreciate that Always Best Care Senior Services works to have the same care-taker come to the home for home-care. That consistency is such a relief to families. I have referred clients and employees to Dan Chitwood because I trust the services that they provide.”

Trinity C.

“Thank you so much for the compassionate care and support you provided my mom. It was fantastic that she was able to reside at home for as long as she could. It was greatly appreciated!!! Thank you Heather for all your tireless effort as well.”

Andrews O.

“I have interviewed with Robin, watched her train her employees and observed her committment to quality, caring service to her clients.”

Sue M.

“Dan helped my uncle with Louis Dodd, which is an awful disease where he could not remember things and he tended to see things that were not there and act out according to what he saw. Dan helped my Aunt with information about the disease and gave them options of facilities that could work with memory care patients. It turned out wonderful. Dan is always available with answers to any questions my husband and I have about my mother-in-law who just recently went through heart surgery at age 86. He is always helpful.”

Denise Y.

“I wish Always Best was in service when I needed caregivers for my aging father. Robin, the owner, has great attention to detail and high standards of excellence for herself and those around her; in addition she is compassionate about those in needs and dedicated to service. I am most impressed as I hear her talk about the level of screening and training she requires for her direct caregivers”¦a family can have confidence that their loved ones are being well cared for during a difficult, challenging time.”

Emma S.

“Owner Robin has been a longtime volunteer at the human services nonprofit where I work, and her commitment to quality and focus on getting every detail right have always impressed me. She is a consummate professional, but what impresses me more is her caring nature. She truly does want to help others. And the fact that she has extensive experience working in health care makes this an ideal fit for her.”

Patricia C.

“Dan sat down with my family and grandmother, he took his time in asking questions, never rushed us in a decision and really helped us find the best care for my grandmother. Assisted living and Memory care placement can be so overwhelming. We felt better and appreciated his time and effort in assisting us! My grandmother is 100. We are so happy she is happy! Thank you!”

Julie E.

“Dan Chitwood and his staff of experienced caregivers have been taking care of my dad who has alzheimers for about three years. The caregivers took care of cooking, personal care and did light housekeeping. They took him shopping with them for weekly groceries, took him to doctor visits and on outings to the neighborhood parks. The few times that a care giver would call in sick, if Dan couldn’t fill the shift he would come work the shift himself. Dan Chitwood takes pride in offering quality care for his clients and we highly recommend Always Best Care. Many thanks to you Dan and your staff, especially to Debbie who was my dad’s main care giver. Mark Stevens”

mark S.

“Always Best Care (ABC) is truly the BEST! My father has Alzheimer’s Disease and requires 24/7 care. I live 800 miles away, so it is very difficult for me to manage his care. ABC provides peace of mind for me knowing that they will call when there are concerns or changes with my dad so that I am always in the loop with his care. ABC has NEVER once not covered a shift if there was a schedule change, etc. ABC provides personal cares, meal preps, homemaking, transportation, medication reminders, you name it they cover it. Always Best Care is privately owned so there is a close connection with the owner Dan Chitwood 24/7 if necessary. Mr. Chitwood is actively involved with my dad and makes frequent visits to my dad’s home and my dad loves him!! He treats my dad like family where his care is concerned. I am a retired RN and worked in home health for many years. I have never seen anything like this!! Always Best Care is THE BEST! Thank you ABC for loving my dad!”

Carey H.

“Dan is one of the most caring people I know! He sat down and took a couple hours of his valuable time to discuss options and assisted living/memory care options for my grandmother. Dan helped us look at reviews of facilities, ratios of RN vs LPN along with complaints filed on facilities. He cared about where and how my grandmother would be cared for. He really looks at his clients as family and I would highly recommend anyone needing elder care, assisted living placement assistance or help figuring out where to start with caring for your senior loved ones to contact Dan. Be sure you contact Dan Chitwood at the RIGHT Always Best Care (ABC) so you get best! – ALWAYS!”

Julie E.

“Dan helped my uncle with Louis Dodd, which is an awful disease where he could not remember things and he tended to see things that were not there and act out according to what he saw. Dan helped my Aunt with information about the disease and gave them options of facilities that could work with memory care patients. It turned out wonderful. Dan is always available with answers to any questions my husband and I have about my mother-in-law who just recently went through heart surgery at age 86. He is always helpful.”

Denise Y.

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