Our Story

Welcome to Always Best Care Los Angeles Beach Cities

Team ABC began in 2009 as a way to honor our experience caring for a family matriarch who was taken by Alzheimer’s disease. We had a vision to create an organization that offers a collection of senior care services available to families across Angeles Beach Cities CA at a moment’s notice and around the clock.

Our Vision:

To remember for those who forgot;
To see, hear, and walk for those who cannot;
To be the voice for those who have none;
To visit and listen to stories for those who have no one…

Voted the Best Senior Care Agency in Los Angeles Beach Cities, we provide an unparalleled continuum of programs that assist families at every stage of the aging journey. Whether you are searching for a skilled caregiver to help you maintain your independence at home or you’re in the market to find a suitable assisted living community for your loved one, we have solutions.

Image of ABC South Bay West Los Angeles Team

Team ABC delivers out of the box thinking to address age-related challenges and meet client needs and we’re dedicated to demonstrating sky-is-the-limit quality in each of our programs and services. We are proud to say that no other agency in Los Angeles Beach Cities offers this combination of services and family support.

Welcome to the ABC Family! Please feel free to call our office at (310) 503-6893 to explore care options that meet your specific needs.