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4 Mistakes People Sometimes Make When Setting Up Senior Care

4 Mistakes People Sometimes Make When Setting Up Senior Care

If you’re interested in senior care either for yourself or a loved one, here are four common mistakes you should know about so you can avoid them.

1. Confusing The Different Types Of Senior Care Community.

Many people get confused when they begin researching their senior care options in Virginia. And this is because it is rather confusing. Terms such as “assisted living community”, “independent living community”, and “nursing home” sound like they could all be different names for the same thing; but they’re not. These are actually all different types of facilities.

“Senior care facility” and “long-term care center” are umbrella terms. There are different types of these facilities. For example, an independent living community, also called a retirement home, doesn’t provide care directly to its residents. Seniors live in these communities to enjoy convenient lives and rich social lives. The staff there takes care of cleaning, landscaping, maintenance, and sometimes cooking.

Nursing homes are quite different. Caregivers at nursing homes offer a lot of assistance because their residents usually have high-level needs. Nursing home residents often can’t manage their own lives nor make important decisions about their care.

Residents of assisted living communities, however, often can make such decisions. Assisted living balances care and autonomy. Residents receive care, but they can still live their own lives how they want to. Always Best Care of Norfolk offers assisted living placement consultations to help you find the best community for you in the Norfolk area of Virginia.

2. Assuming In-Home Care Is Impractical.

If moving into a long-term care center doesn’t feel right for you or your loved one, you can choose in-home care. In-home caregivers visit seniors in their own Norfolk-area homes and provide a range of care services. For many seniors and their families, in-home care is the more convenient option. Because we often pay more for convenience, many assume that in-home care must be the more expensive choice. But this isn’t so. In-home care is often more affordable than moving into a long-term care center.

3. Picking A One-Size-Fits-All Plan.

With Always Best Care of Norfolk’s home care services, you can get all the care you need in your own home with a personalized plan of care. A plan that we customize for you is far better than a one-size-fits-all plan in which you might pay for services you don’t need. We categorize our care services as personal care, home helper services, or companionship services.

4. Not Contacting Always Best Care Of Norfolk For A Free Consultation.

Don’t make this mistake.To learn more about in-home care in Norfolk, VA, please get in touch with us via our website or call 855.470.2273.