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Always Best Care Special Care Services

Advanced technology and special care solutions

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Always Best Care

Special Care Services

Peace of mind for everyone


Monitor One’s Health

Our special care services can provide daily social interaction or clinical insight into your healthcare right from your own home

Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Advanced technology can provide early intervention to signs and symptom management while reducing the number of hospitalizations each year

Care Evaluation

A Care Coordinator will meet with you to create an individualized care plan that is tailored to your needs

Special solutions

Always Best Care Health Monitoring Devices & Special Care Services

Discover our portfolio of technology and special care services designed to cater to the needs of you and your loved ones


Always in Touch

A complimentary telephone reassurance program that provides companionship to seniors and disabled adults

Balance Tracking System

A computerized balance assessment tool that provides an objective, accurate, and reliable fall risk assessment


“Thank you for all you and your company has done for my family. Everyone that came here was amazing to my parents. Alexandra was priceless to us. Thank you.”

John Y.

“Thank you for all you and your company has done for my family. Everyone that came here was amazing to my parents. Alexandra was priceless to us. Thank you.”

Gary Z.

“Great place to work for”

James B.

“There’s one thing I look for in an Agency and that’s Communication, Communication covers a lot, how a Company interacts with its Clients and Their Employees if You have Happy Employees You Will have Happy Clients All the Agency wants is Happiness for All: I really Enjoy working for Always Best Care! The End????”

Roger H.

“I have known Kathy Godwin for over 30 years and she has been actively involved with my family for all of those years. She has always been a part of our family, and I would trust her with any situation that should arise. Kathy is and has been a loyal friend to both me and my father. She watched all my children grow up and has always been active in their lives. If there was ever a family emergency Kathy was always there to assist with any of our needs. We treasure her friendship and know that we can always count on her support in any situation. I can honestly and highly recommend Kathy Godwin’s business as a care provider. I know that all clients she receives will get the best care and attention that they deserve. I would not hesitate to use her service for my personal family.”

Kasey H.

“Kathy and her caretakers made our difficult situation less difficult. They were warm , accommodating and willing to go the extra mile and that means the world to our family. We had a lot of questions and they had all the answers. I highly recommend this company to anybody who is going through the difficulties of hospice or just needs that extra helping hand with their loved ones. 6 stars!”

joel W.

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