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24/7 Virtual Care Agent

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AI Data-Based Insights

24/7 Virtual Care Agent 

You may not be able to be physically present 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy 24/7 assurance. We can now combine our professional in-home care with 24/7 virtual care support in the home environment to prolong a seniors’ ability to age in the comfort of their own home.

This enables us to provide our clients with a perfect combination of quality caregiver services in person and the virtual care support in the home environment 24/7 – ensuring the highest level of care, safety and independence.

How Does It Work?
Always Best Care AI, our new virtual care agent technology, provides us with around the clock data-based insights and recommendations. This industry leading technology is based on audio analytics developed specifically for care environments, which can automatically analyze both mental and physical events and trends. This provides our offices with in-depth insights that help to significantly improve the overall wellbeing of our clients, and ensure that families have peace of mind regarding their loved ones.

How Our 24/7 Virtual Care Agent Helps
Always Best Care’s AI data-based insights and care recommendations enable us to:

This trend analysis helps us obtain a comprehensive understanding of each care environment. By helping to provide a more holistic view, we can proactively facilitate each of our client’s particular needs, and improve their overall wellbeing both mentally and physically. The virtual care agent technology helps us provide:

  • Early detection of cognitive and physical decline
  • Care optimization insights aiding in scheduling and assessing care needs
  • Tailored care planning
  • Risk assessment and prevention

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