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Protecting Seniors from Fraud

Protecting Seniors from Fraud

Image of Protecting Seniors from FraudAnyone may be subjected to a crime of fraud or scam at any stage in their life. A few of the common reasons that these occurrences take place include the knowledge of a person’s financial wealth or presence at home alone quite often. Unfortunately, some seniors might feel more vulnerable for a variety of reasons. There are several ways that you can increase the security of your loved one to ensure their safety.

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  • Shred all important documents – The first step to protecting your loved one’s security is to help them shred all important documents. This task is done to help ensure that all credit card documents, bank statements and other identifying financial documents are destroyed to avoid a perpetrator from obtaining the documents and using them to scam your loved one.
  • Get referrals before signing up for new offers – You or another family member can help your loved one fully research offers that come in the mail or even over the phone. If you are not around, your loved one can consult with a trusted bank or financial professional to determine if the offer is legitimate.
  • Limit sales calls – You can help limit the number of phone calls that your loved one receives by placing them on the Do Not Call Registry and placing a No Solicitation sign on their door.
  • Have help – If you live out of town or are unable to check in on your loved one often, it might be beneficial to hire a bonded and insured home care agency to offer companionship as well as a level of safety.
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