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Given the choice, most of us want to stay in our homes. Sometimes, people need help to remain at home. That's where Always Best Care Senior Services comes in.

Personal Care Consultation


“There are so many nursing homes to choose from, with their guidance I was able to find the right facility for my mother, right away. I would highly recommend them to any family or friends in need of their services.”

Candace K.

“Steve and Claudia at Always Best Care Senior Services were just awesome in how they provided at home care for my mother Carmen. Starting with the initial consultation by Steve to learn about mom's personal care needs to the follow-up visit of a registered nurse to the eventual placement of a compassionate caregiver; every step of their service was well thought out and they truly delivered on providing a level of care for mom that exceeded our families (and mom's) expectations. It can be very nerve racking to find and leave your loved one with a caregiver but this company gets that and they were just fantastic. Thank you Always Best Care!”

Mark B.

“ABC has provided the essential care and support my dad needed after hospitalization and chemo treatments. I have peace of mind knowing they are supporting him.”

Michelle B.

“I have been utilizing Always Best Care Senior Services for 2 years to care 24/7 for my elderly parents. I am very pleased with their services. The Owners and Office Staff bend over backwards to make sure that there is always coverage, to alert my parents Caregiver Team of any requests that I make, to advise me when there is an issue with my parents or their dog. The Caregiver Team working with my parents are all compassionate and caring, knowledgeable and skilled. Sadly, my Father passed away in the fall of 2020. Each of their Caregivers, the Owners and the Office Staff expressed to me that they would like to attend his memorial service when we are able to have it. During the weeks he was slipping away, the Caregiver team not only took care of my parents, they looked after me, gently reminding me to eat, rest or take a break. They truly care not only for my parents, but for all our family. I can’t begin to express what a comfort it has been to have them caring for my parents, especially during the pandemic when visits are prohibited. They are my eyes and ears. Working intimately with my parents, the Caregivers are very tuned in to even subtle changes. If you are in the market and looking for a senior services/home health care company, I strongly urge you to reach out to Always Best Care Senior Services. You’ll be happy you did.”

Heidi R.

“If you want quality care for yourself or your loved ones, Steve and his time are the best, don’t waste your time looking elsewhere. As an estate planning attorney, I have recommended clients to Steve who have been very happy with his team. Steve and his team went above and beyond for one specific client of mine that had a very complex situation, and I am eternally grateful to them. I only hope I can continue to work together with him - Steve and his team are dedicated to making sure you are comfortable, happy and safe. My favorite part about Always Best Care is that all of their staff are TRAINED EMPLOYEES WITH CONTINUING EDUCATION - NOT INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS!”

Aldo C.

“Always best care is a top notch senior services company. They go above and beyond with their clients and treat them as if they are family. If you are looking for a great family oriented team to help take care of your love one look no further. Give Always best care a call you will not be disappointed!!”

Forrest H.

“Highly recommended! All the staff is very professional and courteous”

Ryan N.

“Steve and his team were amazing. As my father’s Parkinson’s progress, we were in need of home health care desperately. Steve and his nurse came to our home, assess the situation, and set up a schedule to accommodate our needs. I would highly recommend them to any family or friends in need of their services.”

Claudine P.

“Steven and his team are superior in caring for aging friends and family. The most important thing is having people who you can trust with your family.”

Allison T.

“Steve and his team will take superior care of your loved ones.”

John D.

“Steve Snell and Staff of Always Best Care Senior Services have been amazingly responsive, helpful and worked diligently to make sure my clients needs were met! Can't praise them enough. The case was staffed immediately and overseen at all levels. Thank you for Always providing the Best Care!”

Karen G.

“I have worked with, and explored working with, various agencies and registries in the Palm Beach County area. I am picky. Always Best Care is qualitatively a notch above every other organization I've encountered. Responsive. Amiable. Professional. The aide, Islande, who has worked with my mom is top-notch for our needs. And . . . I have no doubt Steve (the agency's owner) and his staff would strive to find someone else, if it hadn't been a fit. If you are looking for Nursing Care, I strongly recommend giving Always Best Care a chance. BTW: It is important to understand that working with an Nursing Agency (like Always Best Care), means the staff are employees, not independent contractors (as they are when working through a Nursing Registry). An Agency is vested in having good employees, and a good agency wants you to be happy. But even all Agencies are not created equal. I worked with one (Alternative Health Care) where aides did not always show up! That was painful and incredibly stressful, and the manager and other higher-up staff didn't give a hoot.”

Liz S.

“I wish there were more that five stars. I can not say enough about the experience we have had in working with Always Best Care Senior Services. Not only were they extremely receptive to our needs, available immediately to every call, text or email, compassionate and kind...every single employee was better than the next. My Dad's recent death and my mothers recent surgery (with complications) requiring extra care was a traumatic time for our family. The care she received was beyond skilled and professional. We knew she was in trusting, caring hands. She was happy. I have recommended ABC to others and they have had the same experience. Do not hesitate to reach out to them if you are in need. I highly recommend them. I know I will be reaching out to Steven and Claudia the next time I am in need. My family and I are extremely grateful.”

Donna H.

“Fabulous experience with Always Best Care. Treated my 90 year old Father in Law with dignity and respect. We actually had fun with his aides and they were helpful and kind.”

Alicia B.

“I am very glad to have chosen ABC Senior Services to get us through a very difficult time when my parents finally reached the end of their independent lifestyles at age 96 and 97. Scheduling was difficult and sometimes changes were made last minute, but ABC came through as well as could be expected. Despite losing his wife of 37 years, my father is currently doing very well back north in an assisted living facility. Thank you ABC for the compassion you expressed throughout the 4 months you were there for us.”

Rob C.

“Always Best Care is a great company who goes above and beyond for their clients. My mother fell at my brothers home in Connecticut and I called Steve Snell for some guidance. Even though Steve is in Florida he was able to get my family connected with a representative in Connecticut immediately. Thank you Steve!”

Mike B.

“ABC goes to great lengths to get to know their clients in order to provide the best possible match with ABC’s in home care providers. The aides blend into the home environment with professionalism, compassion and helpfulness. They are unobtrusive but available at all times. As a primary caregiver I wish I started with them years ago.”


“Extremely friendly and professional. I was very comfortable leaving my loved one in their care.”

happy C.

“Great, helpful, supportive service! I tried others, but ANC is the beat!”


“Experiencing using ABC is the best you will find anywhere. The owners and employees are there for one reason and that is to make their clients happy with their caregivers. I have never seen such compassion from an agency. I am the client, so I know what to look for and the caregivers they recommend. Would be happy to talk to anyone with questions. Thanks”

Mimi B.

“Always Best Care's caregivers and office staff are the best I have dealt with.”

Bruce M.

“I can't say enough about how much ABC has helped both our parents and our family. Their name -- Always Best Care -- is clearly their guiding principle! From the highest level administration (Stephen and Beverly) to the amazing caregivers and schedulers -- the entire staff have been responsive and attentive from day one. They have been unfailingly respectful, caring, professional and competent. They were flexible and kind when my mother became terminally ill. And readily available and again responsive when we reinitiated services for my father. Their attentiveness and professionalism is reflected in the amazingly kind, competent and resourceful caregiving staff. Their exceptional caregivers have allowed us peace of mind, knowing that our Dad is getting great support from reliable providers who readily alert us of any matters that need attention. I highly recommend ABC!”

Carla R.

“Always Best Care has been wonderful in many ways. Steve Snell, Owner and Area Representative, and Beverly Casper, RN were patient, kind and respectful while my Dad came to terms with the idea that he really did need help. They were flexible and open and that made all the difference. My Dad's aide Fabienne is responsible and caring and now more of a companion than aide. Steve and his scheduling team has been proactive about any changes that needed to occur and very good about communicating with me both by phone and email. Having them on board has lessened the worry I feel on a daily basis. My mother had a prolonged illness and through the years we dealt with many health care agencies. The attention and care we have received from Always Best Care is, by far, the best we ever have experienced and we are very grateful to have found them.”

Linda S.

“I highly recommend Always Best Care Senior Services if you have a loved one that needs personal care.”

Melanie T.

“Dori, is such a wonderful person and makes such an impact on everyone she is involved with.”

Jamie W.
 In-Home Care East Palm Beach, FL

How does In-home Senior Care in East Palm Beach, FL work?

Home is where the heart is. While that saying can sound a tad cliche, it's especially true for many seniors living in America. When given a choice, older adults most often prefer to grow older at home. An AARP study found that three out of four adults over the age of 50 want to stay in their homes and communities as they age. When you begin to think about why, it makes sense. Home offers a sense of security, comfort, and familiarity.

The truth is, as we age, we begin to rely on others for help. When a family is too busy or lives too far away to fulfill this role, in-home senior care is often the best solution. Home care services allow seniors to enjoy personal independence while also receiving trustworthy assistance from a trained caregiver.

At Always Best Care, we offer a comprehensive range of home care services to help seniors stay healthy while they get the help they need to remain independent. As your senior loved one ages, giving them the gift of senior care is one of the best ways to show your love, even if you live far away.

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 Senior Care East Palm Beach, FL

Aging in Place: The Preferred Choice for Most Seniors

While it's true that some seniors have complicated medical needs that prevent them from staying at home, aging in place is often the best arrangement for seniors and their families. With a trusted caregiver, seniors have the opportunity to live with a sense of dignity and do so as they see fit.

In-home care makes it possible for millions of seniors to age in place every year. Rather than moving to a unfamiliar assisted living community, seniors have the chance to stay at home where they feel the happiest and most comfortable.

Here are just a few of the reasons why older men and women prefer to age at home:


How much does a senior's home truly mean to them? A study published by the American Society on Aging found that more than half of seniors say their home's emotional value means more than how much their home is worth in monetary value. It stands to reason, that a senior's home is where they want to grow old. With the help of elderly care in East Palm Beach, FL, seniors don't have to age in a sterilized care facility. Instead, they can age gracefully in the place they want to be most: their home. In contrast, seniors who move to a long-term care facility must adapt to new environments, new people, and new systems that the facility implements. At this stage in life, this kind of drastic change can be more harmful than helpful.

Healthy Living
Healthy Living

Institutional care facilities like nursing homes often put large groups of people together to live in one location. On any given day, dozens of staff members and caregivers run in and out of these facilities. Being around so many new people in a relatively small living environment can be dangerous for a seniors' health and wellbeing. When you consider that thousands of seniors passed away in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, opting for in-home care is often a safer, healthier choice for seniors. Aging in place has been shown to improve seniors' quality of life, which helps boost physical health and also helps insulate them from viral and bacterial risks found in elderly living facilities.


For many seniors, the ability to live independently with assistance from a caregiver is a priceless option. With in-home care, seniors experience a higher level of independence and freedom - much more so than in other settings like an assisted living community. When a senior has the chance to age in place, they get to live life on their own terms, inside the house that they helped make into a home. More independence means more control over their personal lives, too, which leads to increased levels of fulfillment, happiness, and personal gratification. Over time, these positive feelings can manifest into a healthier, longer life.

Cost and Convenience
Cost and Convenience

More independence, a healthier life, and increased comfort are only a few benefits of aging in place. You have to take into consideration the role of cost and convenience. Simply put, it's usually easier to help seniors age in place than it is to move them into an institutional care facility. In-home care services from Always Best Care, for instance, can be less expensive than long-term solutions, which can cost upwards of six figures per year. To make matters worse, many residential care facilities are reluctant to accept long-term care insurance and other types of payment assistance.

With Always Best Care's home care services, seniors and their families have a greater level of control over their care plans. In-home care in East Palm Beach, FL gives seniors the chance to form a bond with a trusted caregiver and also receive unmatched care that is catered to their needs. In long-term care facilities, seniors and their loved ones have much less control over their care plan and have less of a say in who provides their care.

Empowers Seniors

Affordable Care Plans

In-home care is a valuable resource that empowers seniors to age in place on their own terms. However, a big concern for many families and their loved ones is how much in-home care costs. If you're worried that in-home care is too expensive, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it is one of the most affordable senior care arrangements available.

Typically, hiring an Always Best Care in-home caregiver for a few hours a week is more affordable than sending your loved one to a long-term care facility. This is true even for seniors with more complex care needs.

At Always Best Care, we will work closely with you and your family to develop a Care Plan that not only meets your care needs, but your budget requirements, too. Once we discover the level of care that you or your senior need, we develop an in-home care plan that you can afford.

In addition to our flexible care options, families should also consider the following resources to help offset potential home care costs:

Veteran's Benefits
Veteran's Benefits

Aid and Attendance benefits through military service can cover a portion of the costs associated with in-home care for veterans and their spouses.

Long-Term Care Insurance
Long-Term Care Insurance

Many senior care services like in-home care are included in long-term care insurance options. Research different long-term care solutions to find a plan that provides coverage for senior care.

Private Insurance
Private Insurance

Home care can be included as part of a senior's private insurance plan. Read over your loved one's insurance policy carefully or speak with their insurance provider to determine if in-home care is covered.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Depending on the life insurance plan, you may be able to apply your policy toward long-term care. You may be able to use long-term-care coverage to help pay for in-home elderly care.

Respite Care East Palm Beach, FL

During your Care Plan consultation with Always Best Care, your Care Coordinator will speak with you about in-home care costs and what options there may be to help meet your budget needs.

Compassionate Care. Trusted Caregivers

When you or your senior loved one needs assistance managing daily tasks at home, finding a qualified caregiver can be challenging. It takes a special kind of person to provide reliable care for your senior loved one. However, a caregiver's role involves more than meal preparation and medication reminders. Many seniors rely on their caregivers for companionship, too.

Our companion care services give seniors the chance to socialize in a safe environment and engage in activities at home. These important efforts boost morale and provide much-needed relief from repetitive daily routines. A one-on-one, engaging conversation can sharpen seniors' minds and give them something in which to be excited.

At Always Best Care, we only hire care providers that we would trust to care for our own loved ones. Our senior caregivers in East Palm Beach,FL understand how important it is to listen and communicate with their seniors. A seemingly small interaction, like a short hug goodbye, can make a major difference in a senior's day. Instead of battling against feelings of isolation, seniors begin to look forward to seeing their caregiver each week.

Understanding the nuances of senior care is just one of the reasons why our care providers are so great at their job.

Unlike some senior care companies, our caregivers must undergo extensive training before they work for Always Best Care. In addition, our caregivers receive ongoing training throughout the year. This training ensures that their standard of care matches up to the high standards we've come to expect. During this training, they will brush up on their communication skills, safety awareness, and symptom spotting. That way, your loved one receives the highest level of non-medical home care from day one.

 Caregivers East Palm Beach, FL

Taking the First Step with Always Best Care

The first step in getting quality in-home care starts with a personal consultation with an experienced Care Coordinator. This initial consultation is crucial for our team to learn more about you or your elderly loved one to discover the level of care required. Topics of this consultation typically include:

An assessment of your senior loved one


An in-depth discussion of the needs of your senior loved one to remain in their own home


Reviewing a detailed Care Plan that will meet your senior loved one's needs


Our caregivers are trained to spot changes that clients exhibit, like mental and physical decline. As your trusted senior care company, we will constantly assess and update your Care Plan to meet any new emotional, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs.

If you have never considered in-home care before, we understand that you and your family may have concerns about your Care Plan and its Care Coordinator. To help give you peace of mind, know that every team member and caregiver must undergo comprehensive training before being assigned to a Care Plan.

When you're ready, we encourage you to contact your local Always Best Care representative to set up a Care Consultation. Our Care Coordinators would be happy to meet with you in person to get to know you better, discuss your needs, and help put together a personalized Care Plan specific to your needs.

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Experience the Atlantic Ocean up close, whether you're looking for luxury and nightlife or for peace and quiet.- UnknownBreathtaking sunrises, rolling dunes, slow crashing waves – there’s much to love about the shorelines of Florida’s east coast.While the calm and serene Gulf Coast tends to get more attention for its treasured white sand and warm water, the ...

Experience the Atlantic Ocean up close, whether you're looking for luxury and nightlife or for peace and quiet.

- Unknown

Breathtaking sunrises, rolling dunes, slow crashing waves – there’s much to love about the shorelines of Florida’s east coast.

While the calm and serene Gulf Coast tends to get more attention for its treasured white sand and warm water, the Atlantic Coast beaches have that magical combination of ocean-side sea breezes, surf and large swaths of seclusion that keep visitors coming back again and again. From Fernandina Beach to Biscayne Bay, the best Atlantic Coast beaches all have at least two things in common: gorgeous views of the ocean from dusk until dawn and plenty of fun for the adventure seekers.

Along what is known as Florida’s “First Coast,” named so for being the first area of the state to be colonized, Jacksonville Beach has a famous fishing pier, a nearby golf course, waterside restaurants and other activities. Further south, Ormond Beach has a small-town vibe that hugs the sandy coastline, drawing those who like quiet walks on the beach, boutique shops, and friendly locals. For visitors looking for more excitement, Daytona Beach is just a 15-minute drive south and has all the thrills and attractions you’d expect from a destination beach favorite among college spring breakers, Bike Week riders and NASCAR fans attending the Daytona International Speedway events. Daytona is the quintessential Florida beach, with great waves for surfing, a boardwalk with rides and arcade games, free summer concerts and the ability to drive along the hard-packed sand.

In the southeast corner of the state, beautiful Delray Beach has a number of upscale resorts and restaurants, art galleries and annual festivals that make this a favorite among couples looking for a romantic getaway. And no trip to South Florida would be complete without a visit toMiami Beach and its pristine and colorful South Beach, known for its soft sand, turquoise waters and quirky characters strolling the shore. The area has one of the liveliest beach communities in Florida, lined by historic Art Deco buildings, top-rated restaurants, nightclubs and other cultural landmarks that set it apart from anywhere else in the country. However, if you’re looking for a unique spot that truly highlights the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean with the seclusion of Florida island life, make it down to Key Biscayne. The sliver of golden sand mixed with lush, green mangroves and wildlife make you feel like you’re worlds away from civilization despite being so close to action-packed Miami.

Hurricane Nicole begins its northerly turn, hours before landfall in Florida

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) — Hurricane Nicole is hours away from making landfall on the Florida coast and there are changes with the 10 p.m. advisory from the National Hurricane Center.The storm has started to make its right turn, to the north. It's now moving to the west-northwest, instead of west, at 13 mph.RELATED: Wide-reaching wind field: We're all feeling Nicole...

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) — Hurricane Nicole is hours away from making landfall on the Florida coast and there are changes with the 10 p.m. advisory from the National Hurricane Center.

The storm has started to make its right turn, to the north. It's now moving to the west-northwest, instead of west, at 13 mph.

RELATED: Wide-reaching wind field: We're all feeling Nicole's impact regardless of landfall site

CBS12 meteorologist Michael Ehrenberg has details on Hurricane Nicole’s new track and how it’s affecting Florida at 10 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022. (WPEC)

The center of Nicole is about 75 miles east-northeast of West Palm Beach, but the center doesn’t make too much of a difference with such a large storm.

Nicole is still expected to make landfall in Florida overnight, in the early hours of Thursday.

Hurricane-force winds now extend 25 miles from the center, while tropical storm-force winds extend up to 485 miles away, especially to the north of the center.

Nicole’s maximum sustained winds remain at 75 mph, but with that slight turn to the north, Broward County is no longer under a hurricane watch. (The tropical storm warning remains.)

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Livestream has ended

The hurricane warning from Palm Beach County, up the coast to Volusia County, remains, but it was expanded in Palm Beach County, late Wednesday afternoon.

RELATED: Tracking Nicole: County-by-county closings

The warning area now stretches west from the coast to U.S. 411. Earlier, it had only reached U.S. 1.

All of Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties remain under the hurricane warning.

RELATED: Urgent question: There's still time to evacuate for Nicole. Should you?RELATED: Tracking Nicole: Storm shelters opening in South Florida

There’s a tropical storm warning for Okeechobee County, Lake Okeechobee, and Broward County.

The hurricane watch for Lake Okeechobee remains. It was discontinued for Broward County.

There’s a storm surge warning for North Palm Beach, up the coast to Georgia, and a storm surge watch from south of North Palm Beach down to all of Broward County.

RELATED: Sheriff sends message to criminals and residents in Indian River CountyRELATED: Juno Beach braces for impact, mayor addresses concerns

A few minutes before noon, Tropical Storm Nicole made landfall on Great Abaco Island in the Northwest Bahamas with maximum winds of 70 mph and a central minimum pressure of 985 mb.

Nicole became a hurricane near Grand Bahama Island during a special 6 p.m. advisory from the National Hurricane Center.

After making landfall in Florida, Nicole will weaken while moving inland.

RELATED: These counties are under mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders

Take note of upcoming high tides and don’t get trapped by rising water.

Expect storm surge of 2 to 4 feet from North Palm Beach south, including Broward County, and 3 to 5 feet from North Palm Beach north to Georgia.

Avoid the deepest water. That’ll be along the immediate coast near and to the north of landfall, and come with large, destructive waves.

People living in mobile homes or on the barrier islands have been urged to evacuate.

In Palm Beach County, Zone A is the mainland, where authorities urged those people — and those in homes with substandard construction or in a flood-prone area — to evacuate.

Zone B is the barrier islands and a mandatory evacuation has been issued. The evacuation order for the barrier islands went into effect at 7 a.m. Wednesday.

RELATED: Juno Beach braces for impact, mayor addresses concerns RELATED: Fire station on Singer Island evacuated due to flooding

In Martin County, there are voluntary evacuations for people who live in Evacuation Zones A and B. That includes homes on the barrier islands (Hutchinson Island and Jupiter Island), Sewall’s Point, and manufactured/mobile homes, as well as homes in low-lying, vulnerable areas.

RELATED: Flooding in Hutchinson Island

St. Lucie County Public Safety officials "strongly recommend" evacuations for people on the barrier island, low-lying areas along the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon, and those living in manufactured/mobile homes and RVs.

RELATED: Boat ramp buried by flooding in Fort Pierce

Indian River County issued a recommended evacuation, effective Wednesday morning. Evacuation is recommended for areas east of U.S. 1 (including the barrier islands); low-lying, flood-prone areas; people in mobile homes or other vulnerable housing; and people with special medical needs.

RELATED: Nicole likely to set new record on late-season hurricanes hitting Florida's east coastRELATED: Curfew in place for Okeechobee County

They report winds and rainfall will be the greatest threat along the coast with the strongest winds along the Treasure Coast.

Also, the storm surge is expected to be the greatest threat north of the center of the storm.

Right now, this will primarily be a coastal impact with coastal flooding expected along with beach erosion as we approach the full moon phase and see higher-than-normal tides.

Wednesday night, Nicole started to turn from the west toward the west-northwest. It'll continue the turn, heading to the northwest on Thursday, and then north or north-northeast on Friday.

That forecast has the center of Nicole making landfall early Thursday morning, within a few hours of midnight.

Then, it should move across central and northern Florida, and into southern Georgia, Thursday and Thursday night, followed by the Carolinas on Friday.

Large amounts of seaweed could end up on South Florida beaches by late April

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — A 5,000-mile-long belt of sargassum seaweed is heading for the state of Florida, according to scientists with the University of South Florida (USF).Researcher and USF oceanography professor Dr. Chaunmin Hu says we'll typically see a peak in "seaweed season" in June or July, but seaweed is already showing up on South Florida beaches in March.A 5,000-mile-long belt of sargassum seaweed is heading for the state of Florida, CBS12's Amber Raub spoke to local scientists. (WPEC)&q...

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — A 5,000-mile-long belt of sargassum seaweed is heading for the state of Florida, according to scientists with the University of South Florida (USF).

Researcher and USF oceanography professor Dr. Chaunmin Hu says we'll typically see a peak in "seaweed season" in June or July, but seaweed is already showing up on South Florida beaches in March.

A 5,000-mile-long belt of sargassum seaweed is heading for the state of Florida, CBS12's Amber Raub spoke to local scientists. (WPEC)

"What is unusual this year is we already started with a big sargassum mass in the Atlantic. Very big. So our concerns are about how big it will get when we enter the summer months," said Hu.

Seaweed is no stranger to South Florida beaches. Floridians experience the sargassum that lines the shores throughout Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast each summer.

That sargassum seaweed will eventually get transported to the Gulf of Mexico and then end up on Florida beaches.

"There is a huge amount of seaweed right now lingering around the tropical Atlantic Ocean, but a tiny little bit of that will eventually land on South Florida or the east coast of Florida beaches. We just don't know when and where exactly you will receive this in Florida. As a matter of fact, last week Key West already saw a large amount of seaweed the same amount. And around the Florida Keys that we've tracked, there are small mats and the routes linger around already in March and East Coast," said Hu.

Hu says while we are expected to see more seaweed, it's nothing to panic about.

See also: Palm Beach County introduces its first book vending machine

"What I want to say is there is no need to panic. This is a natural plant is not toxic. If you see too much on the beaches for it, I think our local managers you know who are in charge of maintaining a clean beach, they are well prepared to remove the seaweed every day when whenever they see this. But just get prepared. There will be incoming seaweeds to the Florida Keys to the East Coast of Florida to some variable amount this summer. And these coming months this month, next month into the summer months," said Hu.

The large amount of seaweed is what Hu calls a "belt". It's an elongated belt expanding from West Africa to the Gulf of Mexico and is about 5,000 miles long and 200-300 miles wide. Hu says this belt of seaweed is only less than .01 percent of the ocean's surface.

There's no guarantee that all of the seaweed will make it onto South Florida beaches. It's up to mother nature.

"That's (whether the seaweed will wash ashore) driven by ocean currents and dominant winds both okay. And there's no way to stop that or to make them turn away. There's absolutely no (way), it's just like a Hurricane, nobody can detour a hurricane right? It's hard to predict which beach will receive more seaweed, exactly, but in general, on the east coast of Florida, we receive some seaweed, and the south and Southeast coast, including Palm Beach, and Miami Beach for other day regions. They will receive more than the Northeast coast of Florida," said Hu.

What is sargassum seaweed?

According to Florida Health, sargassum is a type of brown seaweed. As it rots, it gives off a substance called hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide has a very unpleasant odor, like rotten eggs. Although the seaweed itself cannot harm your health, tiny sea creatures that live in sargassum can cause skin rashes and blisters.

Sargassum provides an important habitat for migratory organisms like crabs, shrimp, sea turtles, jellyfish, and commercially important fish species such as tuna and marlin.

Those tiny organisms (like larvae of jellyfish) that live in the sargassum can cause irritation to the skin.

Hu says not to worry about it in the ocean, but when it washes ashore, be sure to avoid it.

"Rotten seaweed can attract insects and can grow bacteria so people should avoid it. This is why the managers (city managers or ocean rescue chiefs) removed seaweed in time," said Hu.

Hu says to expect larger amounts of this seaweed to wash ashore starting in April.

Hurricane Lee intensifies to Category 5 storm with 160 mph winds

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Hurricane Lee strengthened into a powerful Category 5 storm Thursday night.The latest computer models still continue to keep the system away from Florida.According to the 11 p.m. advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Lee has maximum sustained winds of 160 mph and is moving west-northwest at 14 mph.TRACKING THE TROPICS: Hurricane Center | ...

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Hurricane Lee strengthened into a powerful Category 5 storm Thursday night.

The latest computer models still continue to keep the system away from Florida.

According to the 11 p.m. advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Lee has maximum sustained winds of 160 mph and is moving west-northwest at 14 mph.

TRACKING THE TROPICS: Hurricane Center | Hurricane Guide

The hurricane will continue moving in this direction for the next several days while gradually slowing down its forward speed.

Rip currents and hazardous surf will spread across the northern Caribbean on Friday and begin affecting the mainland U.S. by Sunday.

On the forecast track, Lee is expected to pass well to the north of the northern Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico over the weekend and into early next week.

Data from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that maximum sustained winds have increased to near 160 mph with higher gusts. Additional strengthening is forecast overnight.

Fluctuations in intensity are likely over the next few days, but Lee is expected to remain a major hurricane through early next week. Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 45 miles from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 140 miles.

WPTV First Alert Weather chief meteorologist Steve Weagle said Lee is still expected to stay east of Florida.

"A key moment for Florida will be sunrise Wednesday. That's when models suggest the storm turns north," Weagle said. "All global models continue to predict a turn 650 miles off Florida's coast."

WPTV First Alert Weather meteorologist Jennifer Correa said that as Lee tracks closer to the Caribbean, it will move into areas that are very moist with less dry air.

As a result, Lee is expected to stay north of Puerto Rico and Hispaniola and east of the Bahamas and Florida.

"Seven days out, you see that curve towards the north. The good thing is that all the models are in agreement, so we know the turn is going to happen," Correa said. "But, could the hurricane end up a little closer to Bermuda or a little closer to the eastern seaboard like the mid-Atlantic?"

Correa added there will be some indirect impacts from Lee, especially for marine conditions which will impact the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, U.S. eastern seaboard, and Bermuda this weekend through next week.

U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday was given the hurricane's latest trajectory and details of preparations underway by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, which deployed unidentified assets to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, according to the White House.

Lee is the 12th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to Nov. 30 and peaks in September.

Tropical Storm Margot became the 13th named storm after forming on Thursday evening.

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration in August forecasted between 14 to 21 named storms this season, with six to 11 of them expected to become hurricanes, and of those, two to five possibly developing into major hurricanes.

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Turnpike update: 7-mile stretch between Boynton, Lake Worth will close two days overnight

Florida’s Turnpike will close all lanes between Boynton Beach Boulevard and Lake Worth Road ...

Florida’s Turnpike will close all lanes between Boynton Beach Boulevard and Lake Worth Road from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Tuesday and Wednesday.

The closure is one in a series of full closures for the replacement of the Hypoluxo Road bridge as part of the widening project from Boynton Beach Boulevard (Exit 86) to Lake Worth Road (Exit 93). The bridge had to be relocated to accommodate the project.

The Turnpike has tried twice before to undertake the work but had to cancel each time; the last cancellation was due to Hurricane Idalia. Turnpike officials note that the scheduled closures could again change due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Detour information for Florida Turnpike traffic:

What is the construction timeline of the stretch of Florida's Turnpike?

Florida’s Turnpike is widening the stretch from two to three lanes in each direction, between Lake Worth Beach Road and Boynton Beach Boulevard.

Work on the project, which will cost $170 million, began in 2019 and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2025.

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On deck for Florida's Turnpike: More widening in south Palm Beach County

There are plans to expand the turnpike from six to eight lanes on a 4.5-mile stretch from the Sawgrass Expressway to north of Glades Road west of Boca Raton with construction scheduled to begin in 2025.

The plan is to help ease traffic to the south in Broward County, where the closest exit is 6 miles away at the Sawgrass Expressway. The Sample Road exit in Coconut Creek is 10 miles south of Glades Road.

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