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Healthy Aging Strategies

Healthy Aging Strategies

home care helps with healthy agingWhile we can’t stop growing old, we can work to minimize age-related declines in health. Eating right, exercising, and staying intellectually active can help us enjoy good health and mental condition well into old age. Senior care professionals can work with seniors develop plans for healthy living as part of their in-home care treatment.

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One of the best things seniors can do to improve their health is to stop smoking. Smokers are at elevated risk for heart disease and stroke, and the toll smoking takes robs seniors of energy, vitality, and resistance to illness. Giving up cigarettes can go a long way to improving quality of life into old age.

Regular exercise is also important to senior health. A stronger body will be more resistant to injury and disease. Working with a physician and senior care professionals, older people can find an exercise regimen appropriate for them. Exercise can also provide an important social outlet for seniors. In general, seniors should get at least two-and-a-half hours of moderate exercise per week.

Eating right is also key to maintaining senior health. Elder care professionals should help ensure that seniors in their care eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and reduce consumption of red meat and unhealthy foods.

Seniors who practice these three basic health strategies should have a better chance of avoiding illness and injury. They’ll also feel much better and have more energy.

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