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Finding the Right Furniture for Senior Safety and Comfort

Finding the Right Furniture for Senior Safety and Comfort

Finding the Right Furniture for Senior Safety and ComfortThe furniture in a home has a way of blending in. People just get used to the old couch that’s always been there, even though it’s seen better days. Or they become accustomed to the way the bed sinks in a certain way or how the table has a tendency to rock because one leg is a bit shorter than the others.

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But when the furniture in a senior’s home has seen better days, some serious accidents can happen, which is why it’s important for family members and loved ones to ensure that things like chairs, couches, tables and beds are not only comfortable, but safe for seniors.

Let’s take a look at some tips for selecting the right furniture for a senior loved one.

Have a Seat

Chairs and couches are well-used living room staples, so it’s important they they are comfortable and safe for seniors.

Comfort is incredibly important, but it’s critical not to overlook one key factor: the sofa or chair needs to be easy to get in and out of!

As you select pieces of furniture, keep in mind that your senior loved one needs to be able to rise and sit easily. This is especially important if the senior has trouble with their joints or has arthritis. Being able to get into and out of the seat helps ensure regular movement and mobility.

Recliners are excellent choices for seniors because they allow for rocking, they are comfortable and they provide the ability to put one’s feet up. Their flexibility also helps ensure that seniors have an easy time getting up and about.

A Spot at the Table

Coffee tables, dining tables and end tables are important pieces that are found in most homes, but in senior homes, they need to be selected carefully to ensure safety. Glass-top tables should probably be avoided because of the potential for accidents and dangerous cleanup jobs. Also, tables with sharp edges are not a good idea in a senior home because of the heightened risk of injury in the event of a fall.

Consider coffee tables and end tables, too. These pieces are often taken for granted, but they are some of the most well-used furniture items in any home. Therefore, it’s important to select pieces that are of an optimum height and that don’t block walking paths in the home.

A Good Night’s Sleep in a Comfortable Bed

Sleep is very important for seniors, so it’s a good idea to spend time selecting the perfect bed. A good bed for seniors is comfortable, but with enough firmness to provide excellent back support. It should also be easy to get into and out of.

For many seniors, adjustable beds are the perfect option because they are designed to provide support for many different types of sleeping positions. This can come in handy for seniors who may have breathing or circulation issues.

A bed should also fit well within the bedroom, providing enough room for your loved one to move about easily.

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