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3 Big Benefits of Proper Hydration for Seniors

3 Big Benefits of Proper Hydration for Seniors

3 Big Benefits of Proper Hydration for SeniorsThe human body is an amazing machine that’s made up of many important parts. But did you know that it’s comprised of about 60% water? It’s amazing to think about, but it’s true: every single one of us is mostly water! Given this fact, it’s easy to see why proper hydration is so important. Staying hydrated is absolutely critical when it comes to maintaining good health. In fact, adults lose more than 80 ounces of water each day, simply through engaging in normal activities. For seniors, hydration is especially important. Seniors become dehydrated more easily than other adults, and dehydration is actually one of the leading causes of hospitalization for seniors in the United States.

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If you are caring for a senior loved one one of your most crucial jobs is to ensure proper hydration.

To help you convince your loved one about the many benefits of hydration, here are three of the biggest reasons why drinking water is so beneficial to seniors:

#1 — Proper Hydration Can Provide an Energy Boost

One of the more common complaints that people hear from seniors and their caregivers is that there just isn’t enough energy available to participate in all of the activities and functions that life has to offer. A lack of energy and/or an overall sense of being tired most of the time can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which can be potentially deadly for seniors. By staying hydrated, seniors can feel more energized throughout the day. The proper fluid balance ensures that internal organs function well, and it helps the brain stay sharp!

#2 — Hydration Can Prevent Doctor and Hospital Visits

Going to the doctor is not something that many seniors look forward to. But it’s necessary during one’s senior years to be able to see medical professionals when the need to do so arises. Thankfully, maintaining the proper hydration in the body is a great way to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital or doctor’s office. A hydrated body is a healthier body, and one in which systems function like they’re supposed to. Dehydration causes a number of unpleasant symptoms, many of which can require medical attention. By staying hydrated, seniors can avoid these symptoms and ensure much better overall health.

3 Big Benefits of Proper Hydration for Seniors#3 — Staying Hydrated Can Be Fun!

It’s not necessary to constantly sip on water all day to remain hydrated. Obviously, drinking water is the best way to maintain proper hydration, but seniors can get their fluids by drinking juices and eating delicious fruits and vegetables, too. As long as too much sugar and/or caffeine isn’t being introduced into the body, it’s healthy to get hydration through good foods and drinks.

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