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Learning to Bake With Less Calories

Learning to Bake With Less Calories

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A sweet tooth can be a real problem, especially as people age. It becomes more difficult to fight the fat, especially if activity levels have dropped. Luckily, this does not mean that you must give up your love for baked goods; it simply means that you need to learn to bake with fewer calories. This can be done in a few simple ways that either you or your in home care provider can teach you.Reduce the Fat Content – Most baked goods include a lot of fat in the form of oil or butter. In order to reduce the fat, you can cut the amount of the oil or butter in half, replacing it with a moist, yet healthy ingredient. The most common substitutes include applesauce, low fat sour cream or fat free yogurt.Reduce the Eggs – Many baked goods use a large number of eggs. While this is necessary to create the recipe, you can substitute one egg with ¼ cup of an egg substitute to reduce the calories.

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Lower the Calories – It is possible to reduce the number of calories by using lower fat products, such as low fat sour cream, low fat cream cheese or reduced sugar jams and syrups whenever possible.

Avoid Adding Extra Calories – Small add-ins to your baked goods can add a large amount of calories. If it is possible to reduce or avoid the add-ins, you can reduce the number of calories.

Learning about cutting fat and calories in your baked goods can help you stay fit and healthy longer. If you are no longer able to bake, your in-home care provider can help to provide you with healthy baked goods.

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