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Aging with Grace: Tips for Staying Young

Aging with Grace: Tips for Staying Young

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As we grow older, we may start to think about frequent trips to the doctor, retirement, loss of mobility and independence. Some even start to make decisions about the type of senior services that support the aging process. This is a significant mindset change from youth.

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When we are young, we have an unbreakable sense of invincibility and immortality. Youthfulness is often considered the cardinal element in an individual’s quality of life. Not money. Not time. It’s the spirit of youth that has always been held in such high regard. Keeping this in mind, let’s explore a few ways to maintain our sense of youth as we continue to mature.

Exercise the Body

With a strong body you will not feel the effects of aging half as much as someone who engages in a sedentary lifestyle. By having a healthy workout plan, you can help curb your risk of debilitating medical conditions.

Just remember: take baby steps and speak with your doctor about fitness plans. Though you may regain some of your independence, do not be discouraged if you find you still require an in-home care service.

Exercise the Mind

The mind is affected by time much like the body is. It also needs to be nurtured on a daily basis as we continue to grow older. Keep things fresh by reading, writing, playing games, and learning new things. Having a healthy mind will help you focus on all of the other aspects of your life that you hold dear. Being as sharp as possible will give you the mental dexterity you need to keep up with the world around you.

Find New Hobbies

Sometimes finding new hobbies can help bring back a sense of wonder and discovery to your life. New hobbies can awaken sections of our brains that would otherwise be left inactive. By discovering new things, we are stimulated and motivated to be active. Assisted living facilities offer a range of opportunities for seniors to remain active by participating in exciting activities.

Indulge in Your Passions

Everybody has some sort of passion, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use your adulthood to pursue those passions. Often times we look back on our lives and think, “I used to love doing that.” The truth is that you still can do those things that you loved so much, and they will actually help your mental well-being in the long run.


There’s nothing like traveling to help expand your perspective on life. Traveling is adventurous and exciting. The world is such a big place, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to travel, you ought to if you are physically able.

Join Social Groups

Being social helps us to feel active and youthful. Finding like-minded people who share the same interests and hobbies can help to motivate you to get out of the house and enjoy life. When you participate in a group or organization there is a sense of community and belonging that can help remind you of the healing powers of communication. By joining a group, organization, or team, you may find yourself being inspired to reach new heights. You’ll find new friends and connect with people that can help you reach your goals, both old and new.

Try New Things

Do things that you never thought you would do. Half the fun of being young is that you don’t quite know what tomorrow will bring. As an adult, a life of routine has the potential to become quite stagnant, uninspiring, and mind-numbing. By doing something unexpected every day and switching up your schedule a bit, you will have the opportunity to discover something new and exciting while breaking up the monotonous tone of a daily routine.

Take Classes

Taking classes can do a lot for you. It gives you the opportunity to exercise your brain, learn about new things, be social, set goals, meet challenges, have purpose, and have a sense of accomplishment. There’s nothing shameful about having a thirst for knowledge.

Work to Achieve Your Goals

With enough resolve toward a goal, you can be motivated to take action, both mentally and physically. Whether or not you achieve the goal is not what is important; the sense of longing, pursuit, and hard work are what you should aspire for.

Overall, ageing is a life process most of   will get to experience. The important point to remember is “how” we manage the experience is our decision. This choice it is completely up to us! By deciding on some simple action steps now, you can increase the likelihood of big complications later. Family and friends can be a part of the process. Or if you would like to work with a professional to create a plan, feel free to reach out to one of our Care Coordinators at any one of our Always Best Care locations near your home, visit or call toll-free 1-855-470-CARE (2273). We are happy to help you choose your way… with grace!

Please reach out today!

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