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Encourage Music for a Senior’s Well-Being

Encourage Music for a Senior’s Well-Being

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Music has always been a wonderful way to encourage a variety of ways to feel good about oneself. It encourages high self-esteem, more social interaction and the ability to express oneself easily. This is especially beneficial for seniors that are unable to participate in all of the activities that they once enjoyed.

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Playing Instruments

If your senior relative loves to play a musical instrument, you or your relatives’ professional from an in-home care service should try to encourage their playing as often as possible. This will help to keep them young, help them feel like a part of the community and give them an outlet for their feelings. It is a wonderful way to connect with their youth by continuing with a hobby that they have always enjoyed. Some seniors even start playing the piano well into their adulthood.

Listening to Music

Even seniors that cannot play musical instruments can benefit from music. Whether they listen to music from their era or other music that helps to calm them, it is a great way to relax, unwind and feel good. Listening to enjoyable music often can help anyone feel good about themselves, feel more engaged and might even help to improve memory.

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