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Paula Manzke: Always Best Care’s National Team Member of the Year!

Paula Manzke: Always Best Care’s National Team Member of the Year!

We are so pleased to announce that our Senior Care Coordinator, Paula Manzke, LSW, CDP, has been awarded the National Team Member of the Year for Always Best Care Senior Services. Paula has been with the Baton Rouge agency for nearly seven years and brings in a wealth of expertise in assessing and advocating for our client’s needs. During this time, she has offered guidance, support, and care management to over 1,040 clients. Always Best Care Clients!

After graduating as a social worker from the University of Mississippi in 1982, Paula turned her passion for helping people with challenging situations into a lifelong mission. She has worked in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice care before coming to Always Best Care (ABC). Since working for ABC of Baton Rouge, Paula has mentored and guided all our employees toward the standard of excellence in writing care plans, care management, and in improving the lives of the clients we serve.

Paula’s dedication to home care has had a tremendous impact on many lives and has contributed to building ABC’s reputation as a provider of choice in the community. She is well-known by other healthcare providers from all entities in our city, including home health agencies, hospices, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. Although many accolades go her way for the extraordinary passion she brings to the clients she serves, she has dedicated a large amount of her time toward the assistance of Veterans in our community. She has grown a reputation in Baton Rouge as an influential educator of how several VA programs work and how they may be able to assist veterans.

Her superpower is her compassionate and empathetic approach and her knowledge of the best practices for supporting a client through cognitive or physical issues, emotional struggles, and family dynamics. She does this with a servant’s heart, genuine concern, and an authentic desire to see clients connect with their needed resources and improve their daily lives. And her perceptiveness and patience are felt by anyone who meets her. After a total of 41 years of care coordination, she continues to keep this top goal in mind- “how can I improve the well-being of my client”? Her genuine heart has served countless people throughout an impressive career in health care, and her drive for positive change is strong. Paula is a dedicated representative of Always Best Care, a devoted professional in the senior care industry, and a compassionate leader and mentor to all our employees. She is a respected colleague, trusted manager, and friend to everyone who works with her. Congratulations Paula!

Experience exceptional service with Paula and the rest of Always Best Care Baton Rouge we go above and beyond to meet your needs.

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