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Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Every year on the third Sunday of June, families take the time to celebrate the important men in their lives. While you may appreciate your father every day, Father’s Day is all about them and showing how much you care. Seniors especially may find this holiday meaningful as they have watched their children grow up and become parents of their own.

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Whether your father loves adventure or prefers a quiet day at home, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate this year:

  • Hit the greens and spend the afternoon golfing together.
  • Visit your favorite lake and go fishing. Enjoy the beauty of nature. If you keep what you catch, have a fish fry for dinner!
  • Fire up the grill and have lunch on the patio. Let your dad see how well he has taught you as he relaxes.
  • Surprise your dad by picking up takeout from his favorite restaurant.
  • Gather the family together and let your dad choose a movie to watch or game to play. Even better if you have some classics he grew up with.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Dads

In addition to sharing a meal or go somewhere together, give your dad a token of your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive – just something from the heart.

  • Pick out photos to highlight some of your favorite memories together. Put together a scrapbook or photo album as a keepsake with a short story about why you chose each picture.
  • Have the grandkids make homemade gifts. This could include drawings, paintings, cards, or other arts and crafts.
  • Give your dad something useful such as a new pair of slippers, a gift card for groceries or a favorite store/restaurant, a book by an author he likes, or a project kit if he enjoys working with his hands.
  • Share funny stories to make him laugh. We could all use a smile, so reflect on different things that have happened over the years that he may have since forgotten about.

Let your dad know how much you appreciate him and everything he has done for you throughout your life. He won’t be around forever, so make every day count, and enjoy the time you have together.

As your dad gets older, be proactive in ensuring he gets the level of help he needs while aging in place. An in-home caregiver can assist with everything from basic tasks such as organizing mail, creating grocery lists, scheduling appointments, and doing light housework to assisting with bedtime or wake-up routines and escorting them on errands and outings. Contact Always Best Care at (855) 470-2273 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about available services.

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