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Preventing falls with elder care services

Preventing falls with elder care services

Image of Preventing falls with elder care servicesReducing the risk of falls in and around the home of your elder loved one will enable them to continue an independent, healthy life.

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Each year, 2 million seniors are treated in emergency rooms throughout the United States following falls. Injuries can be long-term, including traumatic brain, stress and hip fractures. By taking proactive steps, and enlisting elder care services, you can minimize the threat.

Elder care services fall prevention

Taking regular exercise that maintains muscle strength, particularly in the legs, can reduce the risk of falls. Balance-related activities like Tai Chi and yoga may also be of benefit.

If your elder loved one is taking medications, know that some come with side effects such as drowsiness. Have your doctor review the medication to reduce this risk and notify elder care services of any additions to an established medication regime.

Elder care services home safety

A clutter-free home is less likely to contain tripping hazards. Make sure all walkways are clear of clothes, shoes and books, and secure all rug and carpet edges.

Add a little water and the bathroom can fast become a high-slip zone. Invest in handrails, strong lighting and slip-proof mats.

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