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Given the choice, most of us want to stay in our homes. Sometimes, people need help to remain at home. That's where Always Best Care Senior Services comes in.

Personal Care Consultation


“ABC in Fletcher has an amazing team, and they made a huge difference for myself and my mother. We had them as in-home caregivers for 10 months. They are responsible, flexible and just a solid group with whom to work. I could reach them by phone immediately almost every time I needed to contact them. They handled billing and insurance claims and kept the caregiver plans absolutely up-to-date. As well as the regular RN visits. Jan, Mary and Melissa rock in addition to our caregivers. My only reason for not giving five stars has to do with the systemic challenge of finding enough caregivers. And in our case, caregivers who are proficient with Parkinson’s patients.”

Jennie G.

“I feel like I'm part of the family every time I'm there! A lovely bunch of ladies! The best quality care provider in the business!”

John Z.

“I have had many dealing with Always Best Care during my professional healthcare career. They have always provided great care to the seniors they serve. Jim and his team are great to work with and always go above and beyond not only in serving seniors but supporting many events in the community. I would highly recommend ABC for any in home needs.”

Bob P.

“I like working with Always Best Care Senior Services because the office staff are so nice and understanding and I have gotten to know them on a level that I know they are here to help me, when I need help or have a questions. From day one when I have called, they have ALL been here to help guide me and they have been there every time I’ve had a questions. Working for ABC has been an honor because I really do love the company and we have some sweet clients. The ladies that work in the office are amazing and without them I do not think our company would thrive like it does. When I did an application, it was on accident and then I got a phone call asking me to come in and interview and honestly I’m so blessed. I love my job because it is my passion to help people and to do what I can to make their daily living better and easier. I honestly don’t think there is anything that needs to change about ABC. I have never worked for such an amazing company before”

Craig R.

“I own a financial services business and share clients with Always Best Care. Recently, one of our shared clients experienced a fall which resulted in a broken hip. One of my first calls, after EMS, was to ABC. Mary Steiner responded immediately and offered to meet the client at the ER. She was wonderful and so very professional in the manner in which she handled the entire harrowing experience. She arranged for overnight care since the family had to arrive from out of town. I am so grateful for her genuine care for our client and stepping in during an emergency to help us handle the situation. I would recommend ABC for services because they absolutely go above and beyond with such a special touch. Robbie Chenault, Elevated Living Services”

Elevated L.

“I love working here! Jim truly cares about his clients and employees. The staff goes to great lengths to make sure that the clients are cared for. I am proud to represent Always Best Care.”

Sandra D.

“My husband was placed with always best care after leaving the hospital. he has received outstanding care from this company, The caretaker taking care of my husband did an outstanding job working with him , helping with daily care , cleaning, and his physical therapy, would recommend her and this company to anyone looking for home Assistant to take care of a loved one! Thank you always best care for being there for us and my family .”

Diane M.

“Always Best Care is one the best company’s to work for. Treats everyone like Family”

Danielle O.

“Always best care is very professional and they love the clients and their patients”

Javell F.

“From the first day that I started it was an experience to learn your ways but with all the staff people that I became aware of oh my gosh it was wonderful. I have been very pleased with Mary, Melissa, and Danielle of letting me decide if my clients are a perfect match for me and them. I am pleased that I chose this company. Jim is doing a very good job of hiring a amazing staff in the office to work with. Thanks to all!”

Vicki B.

“Absolutely the best staff. They come to the house for 4 hours to take care of my dad and are so friendly. My dad loves the attention. Thanks so much for seeing to the needs of dad.”

Tom J.

“My mom and her husband are 80 and 92 years old. They’ve both had Covid, pneumonia, and heart issues among many other things. Always Best Care sent out a caregiver named Pat. Pat is incredible! She cooks homemade meals for them, grocery shops for them, goes to the post office, bank, and anywhere else they need, helps with showers, takes them to church, and visits them when they have to go to the hospital or nursing home. Pat truly cares about them! It’s such a blessing to have a caregiver who really cares! They love her and she loves them! Pat is truly amazing and we are so grateful that Always Best Home Care sent her to our family!”

Lu A.

“It is a privilege to serve this company's clients and staff. I am impressed every day by the lengths that all will go to to make sure people's needs are met.”

Mary S.

“ABC Asheville was always prompt and responsive to our family needs. Mary was thoughtful and efficient in all communications.”

Joel A.

“Always Best Care has helped me grow so much as a person and it is truly the best company I have ever worked for.”

Melisa L.

“Great home care agency who really cares about their clients. Highly recommended.”

Nate R.

“I wanted to say thank you to all the ladies that helped look after Mom. I'm so appreciative. And thank you for all the times you helped me over the phone. I surely am thankful for your services!”

Becky C.

“I've been a business peer of Jim Smeaton's at Always Best Care Senior Serivces for several years. Jim is one of my favorite leaders in the local buiness community. This is because of his ethical and service-oriented mindset. I have seen first hand that Always Best Care, who specialize in providing personalized, in-home care for seniors, is the best way to keep your loved ones independent and safe in the comfort of their own home in order to maximize their quality of life. Thank you Jim & team for all you do for our community!”

Jared B.

“I’ve known Jim Smeaton and his company for several years. His energetic and genuinely caring spirit inspires Always Best Care which has an excellent reputation for always providing the best home care for it's clients. If your loved one needs support in living independently at home, you can't go wrong with Always Best Care.”

Mark W.
 In-Home Care Asheville, NC

How does In-home Senior Care in Asheville, NC work?

Home is where the heart is. While that saying can sound a tad cliche, it's especially true for many seniors living in America. When given a choice, older adults most often prefer to grow older at home. An AARP study found that three out of four adults over the age of 50 want to stay in their homes and communities as they age. When you begin to think about why, it makes sense. Home offers a sense of security, comfort, and familiarity.

The truth is, as we age, we begin to rely on others for help. When a family is too busy or lives too far away to fulfill this role, in-home senior care is often the best solution. Home care services allow seniors to enjoy personal independence while also receiving trustworthy assistance from a trained caregiver.

At Always Best Care, we offer a comprehensive range of home care services to help seniors stay healthy while they get the help they need to remain independent. As your senior loved one ages, giving them the gift of senior care is one of the best ways to show your love, even if you live far away.

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 Senior Care Asheville, NC

Aging in Place: The Preferred Choice for Most Seniors

While it's true that some seniors have complicated medical needs that prevent them from staying at home, aging in place is often the best arrangement for seniors and their families. With a trusted caregiver, seniors have the opportunity to live with a sense of dignity and do so as they see fit.

In-home care makes it possible for millions of seniors to age in place every year. Rather than moving to a unfamiliar assisted living community, seniors have the chance to stay at home where they feel the happiest and most comfortable.

Here are just a few of the reasons why older men and women prefer to age at home:


How much does a senior's home truly mean to them? A study published by the American Society on Aging found that more than half of seniors say their home's emotional value means more than how much their home is worth in monetary value. It stands to reason, that a senior's home is where they want to grow old. With the help of elderly care in Asheville, NC, seniors don't have to age in a sterilized care facility. Instead, they can age gracefully in the place they want to be most: their home. In contrast, seniors who move to a long-term care facility must adapt to new environments, new people, and new systems that the facility implements. At this stage in life, this kind of drastic change can be more harmful than helpful.

Healthy Living
Healthy Living

Institutional care facilities like nursing homes often put large groups of people together to live in one location. On any given day, dozens of staff members and caregivers run in and out of these facilities. Being around so many new people in a relatively small living environment can be dangerous for a seniors' health and wellbeing. When you consider that thousands of seniors passed away in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, opting for in-home care is often a safer, healthier choice for seniors. Aging in place has been shown to improve seniors' quality of life, which helps boost physical health and also helps insulate them from viral and bacterial risks found in elderly living facilities.


For many seniors, the ability to live independently with assistance from a caregiver is a priceless option. With in-home care, seniors experience a higher level of independence and freedom - much more so than in other settings like an assisted living community. When a senior has the chance to age in place, they get to live life on their own terms, inside the house that they helped make into a home. More independence means more control over their personal lives, too, which leads to increased levels of fulfillment, happiness, and personal gratification. Over time, these positive feelings can manifest into a healthier, longer life.

Cost and Convenience
Cost and Convenience

More independence, a healthier life, and increased comfort are only a few benefits of aging in place. You have to take into consideration the role of cost and convenience. Simply put, it's usually easier to help seniors age in place than it is to move them into an institutional care facility. In-home care services from Always Best Care, for instance, can be less expensive than long-term solutions, which can cost upwards of six figures per year. To make matters worse, many residential care facilities are reluctant to accept long-term care insurance and other types of payment assistance.

With Always Best Care's home care services, seniors and their families have a greater level of control over their care plans. In-home care in Asheville, NC gives seniors the chance to form a bond with a trusted caregiver and also receive unmatched care that is catered to their needs. In long-term care facilities, seniors and their loved ones have much less control over their care plan and have less of a say in who provides their care.

Empowers Seniors

Affordable Care Plans

In-home care is a valuable resource that empowers seniors to age in place on their own terms. However, a big concern for many families and their loved ones is how much in-home care costs. If you're worried that in-home care is too expensive, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it is one of the most affordable senior care arrangements available.

Typically, hiring an Always Best Care in-home caregiver for a few hours a week is more affordable than sending your loved one to a long-term care facility. This is true even for seniors with more complex care needs.

At Always Best Care, we will work closely with you and your family to develop a Care Plan that not only meets your care needs, but your budget requirements, too. Once we discover the level of care that you or your senior need, we develop an in-home care plan that you can afford.

In addition to our flexible care options, families should also consider the following resources to help offset potential home care costs:

Veteran's Benefits
Veteran's Benefits

Aid and Attendance benefits through military service can cover a portion of the costs associated with in-home care for veterans and their spouses.

Long-Term Care Insurance
Long-Term Care Insurance

Many senior care services like in-home care are included in long-term care insurance options. Research different long-term care solutions to find a plan that provides coverage for senior care.

Private Insurance
Private Insurance

Home care can be included as part of a senior's private insurance plan. Read over your loved one's insurance policy carefully or speak with their insurance provider to determine if in-home care is covered.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Depending on the life insurance plan, you may be able to apply your policy toward long-term care. You may be able to use long-term-care coverage to help pay for in-home elderly care.

Respite Care Asheville, NC

During your Care Plan consultation with Always Best Care, your Care Coordinator will speak with you about in-home care costs and what options there may be to help meet your budget needs.

Compassionate Care. Trusted Caregivers

When you or your senior loved one needs assistance managing daily tasks at home, finding a qualified caregiver can be challenging. It takes a special kind of person to provide reliable care for your senior loved one. However, a caregiver's role involves more than meal preparation and medication reminders. Many seniors rely on their caregivers for companionship, too.

Our companion care services give seniors the chance to socialize in a safe environment and engage in activities at home. These important efforts boost morale and provide much-needed relief from repetitive daily routines. A one-on-one, engaging conversation can sharpen seniors' minds and give them something in which to be excited.

At Always Best Care, we only hire care providers that we would trust to care for our own loved ones. Our senior caregivers in Asheville,NC understand how important it is to listen and communicate with their seniors. A seemingly small interaction, like a short hug goodbye, can make a major difference in a senior's day. Instead of battling against feelings of isolation, seniors begin to look forward to seeing their caregiver each week.

Understanding the nuances of senior care is just one of the reasons why our care providers are so great at their job.

Unlike some senior care companies, our caregivers must undergo extensive training before they work for Always Best Care. In addition, our caregivers receive ongoing training throughout the year. This training ensures that their standard of care matches up to the high standards we've come to expect. During this training, they will brush up on their communication skills, safety awareness, and symptom spotting. That way, your loved one receives the highest level of non-medical home care from day one.

 Caregivers Asheville, NC

Taking the First Step with Always Best Care

The first step in getting quality in-home care starts with a personal consultation with an experienced Care Coordinator. This initial consultation is crucial for our team to learn more about you or your elderly loved one to discover the level of care required. Topics of this consultation typically include:

An assessment of your senior loved one


An in-depth discussion of the needs of your senior loved one to remain in their own home


Reviewing a detailed Care Plan that will meet your senior loved one's needs


Our caregivers are trained to spot changes that clients exhibit, like mental and physical decline. As your trusted senior care company, we will constantly assess and update your Care Plan to meet any new emotional, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs.

If you have never considered in-home care before, we understand that you and your family may have concerns about your Care Plan and its Care Coordinator. To help give you peace of mind, know that every team member and caregiver must undergo comprehensive training before being assigned to a Care Plan.

When you're ready, we encourage you to contact your local Always Best Care representative to set up a Care Consultation. Our Care Coordinators would be happy to meet with you in person to get to know you better, discuss your needs, and help put together a personalized Care Plan specific to your needs.

Latest News in Asheville, NC

Concerns grow over potential loss of cancer services at Asheville's Mission Hospital

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is investigating another cancer services loss at Mission Hospital in Asheville.Concerns grow over potential loss of cancer services at Asheville's Mission HospitalThe news comes as Asheville Watchdog, a nonprofit online investigative journalism newsroom, reports ...

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is investigating another cancer services loss at Mission Hospital in Asheville.

Concerns grow over potential loss of cancer services at Asheville's Mission Hospital

The news comes as Asheville Watchdog, a nonprofit online investigative journalism newsroom, reports Messino Cancer Centers, which contracts with Mission, will cease providing chemotherapy services inside the hospital for acute hematology patients battling leukemia and lymphoma.

For the past four years, Messino has found significant problems operating inside Mission’s main tower with patient safety concerns for patients getting complex and technical chemo treatments, according to the Watchdog report.

A letter written by Dr. Martin Palmeri, Messino’s oncology service line leader, stated, “Despite all our efforts in identifying and preventing errors that could have ultimately led to patient harm, problems still persist. These are issues that need hospital leadership and resources to succeed.”


The letter states Messino’s concerns include patient-to-nurse ratios and care delivery deficiencies with hospital “management who understands drug and laboratory supply chain management.”

After laying out concerns, Palmieri wrote, “With heavy hearts, the physicians at Messino Cancer Centers cannot with good conscience continue to provide inpatient complex hematology care for the patients of Western North Carolina.

The Messino letter, obtained by Asheville Watchdog:

Messino Letter by News 13 WLOS on Scribd

A longtime Mission nurse is also concerned about the level of health care available to area residents.

“The quality of our health care is deteriorating in Asheville, North Carolina,” said Jeanne Mould, a nurse who has worked at he hospital for 28 years. “This used to be the regional hospital where people travel to to receive this care.”


Mould, a cardiology nurse, said she’s well-versed in the oncology unit operating inside Mission’s main tower, where Messino has decided to withdraw from doing chemo for patients who need to be hospitalized for hematology treatments.

“The floor is a high acuity in-patient oncology unit,” Mould said.

She said patients undergoing that type of intense chemo are severely immunocompromised and need to remain in a sterile hospital setting.

The Watchdog’s report stated up to 50 patients could now face long drives and stays in hospitals as far away as Charlotte and Raleigh to get cancer treatment.

“Not only will these patients be at a hospital that is not close to home, but their family members will have to relocate and drive further,” Mould said.

Stein said he was "gravely concerned" about what he had been reading and learning.

“One of the commitments of HCA is to continue to provide oncology care to the people of Western North Carolina, and what we’re learning now is they are not living up to their agreements,” Stein said of Mission's parent company, HCA Healthcare.


The fact that up to 50 patients fighting debilitating cancers may have to leave Asheville for treatment is something Stein wants to document with staff in his office investigating Mission.

“For the folks who are going through the rigors of cancer treatment and the uncertainty and fear, I don’t think they view that as a small thing,” Asheville Watchdog Managing Editor Keith Campbell said having to travel miles away from home.

“There’s nothing with higher stakes than health care. The oncology department is struggling to recruit and retain oncologists.”

Campbell said the attorney general has threatened litigation against Mission, though Stein wouldn’t confirm that as his direction. But, based on his office’s ongoing documentation of deficiencies at Mission Hospital, Stein acknowledged his investigation is open and continuing. He said he needs more patients to provide accounts.

“What I ask viewers to do is if they are being impacted by these changes in services at HCA to please let my office know. It will aid us in our investigation,” Stein said.

The AG’s office has a form patients or family members may fill out to submit a verifiable account of any issues with treatment at Mission Hospital.

Mission Hospital statement regarding Messino’s decision:

Mission Hospital continues to have a robust team delivering oncology services in a range of specialties (breast, colorectal, hepatobiliary, gynecological, infusion, interventional, medical, orthopedic sarcoma, pediatric, plastics, radiation, surgical, urological and more), along with nurse navigators, pathologists, radiologists and reconstructive physicians. This highly skilled team offers care from diagnosis through survivorship. Mission has multiple cancer care and treatment options, including the largest robotics program in the state with extensive surgical oncology capabilities and the many personalized care services at Hope Women's Cancer Center and Mission Cancer Center.
We are proud of our cancer offerings for our patients and our dedicated team who is here to lift them up at any stage along their cancer journey. We continue to recruit for and welcome new physicians and care providers to our team."

Messino Cancer Centers statement:

Messino Cancer Centers has been and remains committed to providing high-quality medical oncology services in Asheville and surrounding areas. As a leading provider of high-quality care for cancer patients and patients with blood disorders, it is our duty and privilege to provide comprehensive care and support that not only treats the disease but also prioritizes the safety and well-being of every patient. The physicians at Messino Cancer Centers have worked diligently with Mission Health with respect to the continuous improvement of inpatient care for complex hematology cancer patients and remain available to provide services that will best support the quality of care and safety necessary for the management of oncology and hematology patients in WNC. They are committed to working with Mission Health, locoregional hospitals and academic centers to ensure cancer patients in WNC continue to have access to the highest quality and standard of care. Messino Cancer Centers has a robust outpatient oncology service and provides advanced cancer care for all cancer types and has physicians specializing in hematologic cancers with expertise in lymphomas, leukemias and multiple myelomas.”

Community farm in Asheville, North Carolina, grows free, fresh food for struggling neighbors

ASHEVILLE, N.C. —Seeds of survival and strength are growing in a North Carolina community where neighbors are struggling to feed their families fresh food thanks to a garden planted with joy.The Southside Community Farm, located at 133 Livingston Street, in Asheville, is just one of the unique places featured in the latest Very Local episode of the streaming series "Only In."The farm sits in the historicall...


Seeds of survival and strength are growing in a North Carolina community where neighbors are struggling to feed their families fresh food thanks to a garden planted with joy.

The Southside Community Farm, located at 133 Livingston Street, in Asheville, is just one of the unique places featured in the latest Very Local episode of the streaming series "Only In."

The farm sits in the historically Black Southside neighborhood.

The farm harvests nutritious crops, including everything from strawberries and beets to carrots and kale, then gives them away to neighbors in the community that's made up of almost 50% of the city's total public housing.

The area is considered a food desert.

"There are no grocery stores in the neighborhood," Chloe Moore, the farm's manager said. "Pretty much the only place to buy food is the gas station."

According to its website, the farm's goal is to provide food sovereignty and end food apartheid.


Hurricane Nigel: Latest track, spaghetti models

Moore says volunteers want to help bring back the accessibility of fresh, healthy food that was available in the area before the city's urban renewal that took place in the 1960s.

Back then, she says, up to 15 small grocery markets provided the food families needed to survive.

Today, the farm's volunteers not only help grow the crops on the 0.5-acre urban plot of land, but they stock a free fresh food fridge for anyone who needs it.

Volunteers also give away their harvest at a monthly Farmers Market for Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

Learn more about the farm in the video above.

Watch the entire segment when you download the Very Local app to stream “Only In: Asheville” for free.

Then check out entire seasons of “Finding Adventure with Kinga Philipps” “Eat Play Stay”, “Hometown Tragedy,” which feature places and stories in both North Carolina and South Carolina.


What is Very Local?

Very Local is a streaming app where you can watch WYFF News 4’s daily newscasts, original series and more. Keep connected to your hometown with the news and weather team you trust, and discover original series and specials that explore your community and beyond.

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Very Local is a subsidiary of Hearst Television.

State budget overrules local efforts to ban plastic bags in North Carolina

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — Environmental groups suffered a major setback in their fight for bans on plastic bags when lawmakers included in the newly passed state budget wording that prevents cities and counties from prohibiting their use.State leaders have the power to keep local governments from passing such ordinances, and that's what they did with this budget language....

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — Environmental groups suffered a major setback in their fight for bans on plastic bags when lawmakers included in the newly passed state budget wording that prevents cities and counties from prohibiting their use.

State leaders have the power to keep local governments from passing such ordinances, and that's what they did with this budget language.


State budget overrules local efforts to ban plastic bags in North Carolina

Locally, Woodfin and Black Mountain leaders voted to support a ban in Buncombe County, but the state budget now supersedes that.

Advocates said they are not giving up.

"There have been states that disallowed local governments from pushing bag bans through. And we’ve seen those laws overturned," MountainTrue policy manager Anna Alsobrook said. "And so several of those states have now allowed bag bans to be put into the books. In a time of such drastic climate crisis, we have no time to waste."


Sen. Julie Mayfield said the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association was successful in getting language in the budget to protect grocers from facing such a bag ban. She said discussions will continue but agreed this was a significant loss for local efforts to ban plastic bags.



NC Retail Merchants Association released this statement:

One of the reasons North Carolina remains a great state to do business in is the consistency of rules and regulations throughout the State. This provision ensures consistency throughout the state instead of a patchwork of rules city by city and county by county. We strongly believe prior to the passage of the budget provision that local governments were already prohibited, both constitutionally and statutorily, from banning plastic bags and other containers and taxing their citizens for these items. The newly enacted provision was in response to a push to challenge current law and will hopefully head off costly litigation for everyone involved. We all want a clean environment, and we believe that consumer education remains the best solution to the problem the cities in Buncombe County were seeking to solve instead of banning and taxing plastic bags, utensils, and containers."

North Carolina high school football scores for NCHSAA Week 6 of the 2023 season

Here are North Carolina high school football scores from Week 6 of the 2023 NCHSAA season:Albemarle 34, Lake Norman Charter 0Andrews 28, Hickory Home 0Anson County 48, Central, S.C. 21Apex 10, Cary 7Apex Middle Creek 28, Green Level 14Asheville 29, Asheville Erwin 15Asheville Reynolds 58, Enka 7Asheville Roberson 49, North Buncombe 0Bessemer City 73, Gastonia Highland Tech 0Brevard 50, R-S Central 20Burlington Cummings 65, Graham 0Burlington Wi...

Here are North Carolina high school football scores from Week 6 of the 2023 NCHSAA season:

Albemarle 34, Lake Norman Charter 0

Andrews 28, Hickory Home 0

Anson County 48, Central, S.C. 21

Apex 10, Cary 7

Apex Middle Creek 28, Green Level 14

Asheville 29, Asheville Erwin 15

Asheville Reynolds 58, Enka 7

Asheville Roberson 49, North Buncombe 0

Bessemer City 73, Gastonia Highland Tech 0

Brevard 50, R-S Central 20

Burlington Cummings 65, Graham 0

Burlington Williams 28, Orange 3

Burnsville Mountain Heritage 42, Rosman 12

Cary Christian 38, Concord Cannon 3

Cary Panther Creek 27, Morrisville Green Hope 20

Catawba Bandys 48, East Burke 30

Charlotte Ardrey Kell 28, Waxhaw Cuthbertson 0

Charlotte Independence 31, Charlotte Catholic 10

Charlotte Mallard Creek 48, Huntersville Hopewell 0

Charlotte Myers Park 44, Palisades 0

Charlotte Providence Day 59, Arden Christ School 21

Claremont Bunker Hill 56, West Caldwell 7

Clayton 29, Garner 2

Clayton Cleveland 35, South Garner 0

Concord 27, Central Cabarrus 7

Concord Cox Mill 21, West Cabarrus 20

Concord Robinson 26, China Grove Carson 6

Cornelius Hough 19, Chambers 13

Corvian 33, Christ the King High School 7

Davidson Community School 30, Mt. Holly Mountain Island Charter 12

Davie County 41, East Forsyth 28

East Gaston 62, Cherryville 14

East Mecklenburg 40, Charlotte Garinger 18

East Rutherford 50, Forest City Chase 43

East Surry 44, West Wilkes 0

East Wilkes 41, South Stokes 0

Eastern Alamance 28, Western Alamance 14

Eastern Guilford 47, High Point Central 0

Eastern Randolph 43, Monroe Parkwood 0

Elizabeth City Northeastern 40, Greenville Rose 35

Elkin 38, North Stokes 0

Faith Christian 58, Father Vincent Capodanno 12

Farmville Central 60, Ayden-Grifton 26

Franklin 31, Waynesville Tuscola 14

Friendship 26, Holly Springs 21

Gastonia Ashbrook 33, Gastonia Forestview 20

Gastonia Huss 31, Belmont South Point 24, OT

Greensboro Dudley 56, Winston-Salem Atkins 14

Greensboro Grimsley 48, Northwest Guilford 14

Greensboro Page 6, Jamestown Ragsdale 0

Greenville Conley 41, Jacksonville Northside 12

Hickory 43, North Lincoln 14

Hickory Grove Christian 42, Covenant Day School 7

Hickory Home School 35, Chatham Central 6

High Point Andrews 35, Walkertown 0

High Point Christian Academy 58, Southlake Christian 0

Jacksonville 41, New Bern 18

Kernersville McGuinness 11, Winston-Salem Carver 8

Kings Mountain 42, North Gaston 0

Lake Norman 24, Kannapolis Brown 21

Lee County 27, Hoke County 6

Lexington 48, South Davidson 21

Lincolnton 22, Newton-Conover 21

Lord Botetourt, Va. 57, Charlotte Olympic 21

Marshville Forest Hills 35, North Stanly 13

Matthews Butler 49, Charlotte Providence 6

Matthews Weddington 17, Dutch Fork, S.C. 14

Mayodan McMichael 20, North Forsyth 12

Mitchell County 35, Swannanoa Owen 18

Monroe Sun Valley 28, Charlotte Country Day 14

Mooresville 42, Hickory Ridge 35

Mooresville Pine Lake Prep 62, Winston-Salem Prep 12

Mount Airy 47, Boonville Starmount 15

Murphy 51, New Faith Christian, Ga. 14

Nash Central 42, Franklinton 8

North Duplin 54, Bear Grass 0

North Iredell 27, Hickory St. Stephens 12

North Moore 55, Siler City Jordan-Matthews 7

North Rowan 16, Thomasville 12

North Surry 55, East Bend Forbush 29

Northeast Guilford 33, Southern Guilford 12

Northern Guilford 42, Southeast Guilford 14

Northern Nash 62, Bunn 0

Northwest Cabarrus 44, East Rowan 0

Oxford Webb 27, Warren County 20

Pfafftown Reagan 40, Robert B. Glenn 23

Pittsboro Northwood 55, Bartlett Yancey 13

Polk County 34, Hendersonville 30

Rabun Gap-Nachoochee, Ga. 36, Robbinsville 0

Raleigh Cardinal Gibbons 24, Durham Hillside 6

Raleigh Ravenscroft 50, Grace Christian-Raleigh 12

Rockingham County 29, Greensboro Smith 13

Salisbury 42, West Davidson 0

Scotland 49, Southern Lee 6

Shelby 74, Mooresboro Jefferson 8

Shelby Crest 56, Belmont Cramer 0

South Granville 41, Carrboro 0

South Mecklenburg 35, Charlotte Berry Tech 6

Southeast Halifax 28, Northampton County 26

Southeast Raleigh 20, Fuquay-Varina 11

Southern Alamance 72, Hillsborough Cedar Ridge 6

Southern Pines Pinecrest 20, Richmond County 12

Southern Wayne 56, Goldsboro 14

Southwest Guilford 52, Western Guilford 7

Southwest Onslow 48, North Lenoir 12

Southwestern Randolph 32, Asheboro 13

St. Pauls 20, Charlotte Latin 13

Statesville 42, East Lincoln 14

Swain County 35, Madison County 16

Sylva Smoky Mountain 20, North Henderson 14

Valdese Draughn 49, Avery County 7

Vance County 29, Louisburg 3

Wendell Corinth Holders 21, Willow Spring 7

West Carteret 58, North Pitt 36

West Forsyth 56, Winston-Salem Parkland 9

West Henderson 55, East Henderson 0

West Iredell 34, Newton Foard 7

West Lincoln 33, Maiden 19

West Rowan 54, South Rowan 28

West Stokes 52, Eden Morehead 6

Wilkes Central 21, North Wilkes 20

Wilson Prep 52, Northwest Halifax 0

Winston-Salem Reynolds 29, Winston-Salem Mt. Tabor 28


Cape Fear 36, Pembroke Swett 14

Clinton 40, Princeton 14

East Duplin 66, Kinston 12

Fayetteville Britt 49, Lumberton 8

Fayetteville Sanford 38, Erwin Triton 20

Fayetteville Seventy-First 55, Gray's Creek 7

Havelock 66, West Bladen 18

North Brunswick 34, South Brunswick 28

South Columbus 37, Pender County 30

Southern Nash 55, Roanoke Rapids 8

Whiteville 49, Rocky Point Trask 12

Wilmington Ashley 35, West Brunswick 7

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2023 NC Year of the Trail August Events

The City of Asheville’s River Arts District will be the backdrop of two greenway events in August. The City of Asheville is proud to work with community partners, RiverLink, Land of Sky Regional Council and Connect Buncombe as they celebrate greenways for our community. To celebrate our partners’ events, we will declare them to be “Year of the Trail” events for Asheville and our region.2023 NC Year of the Trail celebrates North Carolina’s vast network of trails, greenways, and blueways which showcase our ...

The City of Asheville’s River Arts District will be the backdrop of two greenway events in August. The City of Asheville is proud to work with community partners, RiverLink, Land of Sky Regional Council and Connect Buncombe as they celebrate greenways for our community. To celebrate our partners’ events, we will declare them to be “Year of the Trail” events for Asheville and our region.

2023 NC Year of the Trail celebrates North Carolina’s vast network of trails, greenways, and blueways which showcase our diverse landscapes – grand mountain vistas, quiet rivers, vibrant urban greenways, coastal forests, and the rolling hills of the piedmont.

NC Year of the Trail is the largest statewide celebration of trails and outdoor recreation in North Carolina history. Learn more here. The City also has a Proclamation, recognizing the Year of Trail.

Here are a few trail-related events in Asheville coming up:

Friday, August 25 – Karen Cragnolin Park Greenway Dedication

Join RiverLink and partners Friday, August 25, 4-6 PM as they dedicate the final segment of the greenway in the ribbon of parks along the French Broad River, at 190 Amboy Rd. Enjoy free sno-cones, music and family-friendly activities beginning at 4:00 PM, and spoken word at 5:15 PM as we celebrate the remediation of this once contaminated property, and honor the life of RiverLink founder and community visionary, Karen Cragnolin. Then beginning at 6:00 PM, we’ll migrate to HiWire Brewing AVL RAD Beer Garden for a refreshing beverage with Connect Buncombe’s “Brewing for Greenways.”

Thursday, August 31 – Hellbender Regional Forum

Please join your neighbors for the Hellbender Regional Greenway Forum, hosted by the Land of Sky Regional Council, on Thursday, August 31, 2023, at 8:00 AM. The in-person event will be held at Smoky Park Supper Club, 350 Riverside Drive #3141, Asheville, NC 28801. Register here.

At this forum, participants will dive deep into the world of regional greenways, exploring their impact on our environment and community. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a local resident, local government employee or simply curious about the topic, this event is perfect for you! Expect a day filled with engaging discussions, informative presentations, and networking opportunities. The keynote address will be delivered by Bret Baronak, Director of the Carolina Thread Trail. We will also have an exciting Year of the Trail update from Palmer McIntyre, NC Year of the Trail Director, Piedmont Land Conservancy/ Piedmont Legacy Trails.


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