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6 Key Underrated Caregiver Services

6 Key Underrated Caregiver Services

You probably know that caregiver services help people who have trouble taking care of themselves, but here are six lesser-known ways these services can help.

1. Caregivers Can Help In A Big Way Simply By Taking Care Of Chores.

When caregivers visit clients in their homes, they often provide some light housekeeping. This might seem like just a small bonus, but housekeeping services can really help the elderly and disabled. At Always Best Care of Thousand Oaks, we know that many Californians have trouble caring for their homes. That’s why we provide home helper services.

Our caregivers can manage certain household chores, such as vacuuming, sorting mail, and cleaning inside refrigerators. With a home helper caregiver visiting them, seniors needn’t fret over exhausting and painful household chores. Furthermore, starting in-home care with home helper services can make transitioning to more involved forms of care easier.

2. Senior Living Referrals Can Help You Find The Best Community For You.

If you can’t or don’t want to stay in your own home, a senior living community has staff that takes care of much, or even all, of these household chores. Picking the right community for your family can be tough, though. Always Best Care of Thousand Oaks offers senior living referrals, helping you find the best community for you in Conejo Valley. And our referral services are free!

3. Mental And Emotional Care Is Important.

Seniors deal with mental health problems as well as physical ones. At Always Best Care of Thousand Oaks, we provide companion care. Companion caregivers have conversations with their clients, listen to what’s been bothering them, play card and board games with them, and help them stay connected to family and friends.

4. Help With Errands Can Solve A Challenging Task For Many Seniors.

Caregivers can do errands for their clients, such as grocery shopping and picking up medication.

5. Caregivers Provide Medication Reminders.

Anybody can struggle to remember when and how to take their medication, but this is especially true of seniors. And then there are seniors who have several medications to take and others who struggle with poor memories. Caregivers help by visiting their clients at the same time each day and reminding them when and how to take their medication.

6. Caregivers Can Help Clients In Retirement Homes.

At a retirement home or independent living community, the staff probably won’t provide personal care. Caregivers can visit clients in these communities and help them.

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